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Bludgeon in the U.S. Comics

Bludgeon debuted in issue 60 of the Marvel comic book Transformers, and survived through the end of the series. He also appeared in the first five issues of the Transformers: Generation 2 book.


This issue's cover featured Bludgeon falling towards the three Autobot Classic Pretenders, sword poised to strike.

On Cybertron, Grimlock's Pretenders are leading one Autobot raid after the next. Who does Decepticon leader Thunderwing call upon to stop them? Why, it's none other than Bludgeon and his squadron. And how are they to do this? Simply waltz right into Autobot Headquarters and take them out. And they do it, too! Bludgeon sure isn't afraid of a whole base full of Autobots; he bursts in along with Stranglehold and Octopunch just as Grimlock's group is preparing to teleport to Earth. He casually kills a couple of Autobots, and smashes the trans-time dimensional portal device -- causing it to sweep him, his squad, and the Autobots away. They rematerialize in the center of Cybertron; unphazed, Bludgeon continues to hunt down his quarry...

Our first meeting with Bludgeon is not very impressive. As drawn by Jose Delbo, he looks rather... erm... dorky. And it seems as though Simon Furman hadn't yet settled on Bludgeon's character, since he's given such doofy lines as "Let's go and say hi!" and "I reckon things should get pretty messy!"


Bludgeon and company burst into the chamber of Primus, where Grimlock's group have been recieving a history lesson from the Keeper of Primus. Bludgeon's group puts a stop to it by killing Keeper and attacking the Autobots. By double-teaming Bludgeon with his Pretender shell, Jazz manages to get the upper hand over him -- but only briefly. Bludgeon is about to kill Jazz when Bumblebee rams him from behind. Knowing he's no match for the mighty Bludgeon, Bumblebee has Seawatch attach a cable to him and drag him away. One wonders if it is significant that we never saw Seawatch again...

With the artwork of Geoff Senior on this issue, Bludgeon looks much better!

"Prattling fool! Your warrior heart is tainted by an idiot's tongue! Perhaps I shall remove both for you!"


We don't see Bludgeon again until ten issues later; he's allied with Scorponok's troops on Earth as they accept Optimus Prime's conditional surrender. Scorponok explains that he knows about the threat of Unicron thanks to Bludgeon. Later, Bludgeon and Zarak are monitoring the approach of several aircraft, when Hot Rod streaks in and grabs Zarak. Bludgeon is prepared to cut Roddy into Autobot sushi, but Kup slams into him from behind and knocks him out. Prime bursts in and reveals that it was all a ruse anyway...

Notice how easily Bludgeon slides into the role of trusted advisor... clearly he's highly respected.


Bludgeon is seen among Scorponok's troops, repelling the attack of Shockwave's Decepticons.


Bludgeon appears among the crowd of Transformers in this issue's opening splash page. Later, with Scorponok absent, he leads the Decepticons to assist Optimus and Scorponok, who are under attack by Unicron's minions. At first hesitant to aid a sworn enemy, he finally decides that the good of his race and homeworld must outweigh these personal concerns, and leads the Decepticons against the Unicron-controlled Transformers.

Annonymous mechanoid: "He's down! Hold him while I --"
Bludgeon: "Die?" [SLICE!!] "Fools! To a master of Metallikato, your clumsy attack is almost slow motion!"


Blood is briefly seen with others escaping from one of Unicron's claws. His role in the battle with Unicron was not detailed, but it may be assumed that he kicked a lot of butt.


After witnessing the death of Optimus Prime, and the ensuing bickering between Prowl and the new Autobot leader Grimlock, Bludgeon comments ominously to his new lieutenant Krok that they should consider "options."

This issue marks the beginning of Bludgeon's starring role in the comics. How precisely Bludgeon rose to command of the surviving Decepticon army is unclear; in the absence of Megatron, Galvatron, Shockwave, Thunderwing, and Scorponok, perhaps it simply fell to him by default, or perhaps he wasn't the established leader till the events of issue 77. But either way he certainly wasted little time in rising to the role's challenge.

Krok: "Opinion, Bludgeon?"
Bludgeon: "I think, Krok, that we should examine... options!"


Blood's back on the cover, facing off with Prowl. Click here to see it (194 K JPG.)

The issue starts off with Bludgeon putting that loudmouth Fangry in his place during a conference about Cybertron's future. Infuriated that Grimlock told him to "shut up", Fangry flies out of his seat with murder in his eyes -- only to find him self eye-to-eye with the business end of Bludgeon's sword. Bludgeon commands him to sit and listen, which he reluctantly does. Later, Bludgeon confers with Krok about the rather unwanted peace between the factions. They conclude that they must act carefully to maintain their troops' loyalty. A fight between Grimlock and Fangry nearly gives them the opening they need to break up the truce, till Prowl puts a halt to it. But Bludgeon siezes the opportunity nonetheless, demanding to know the full details of the Autobots' plans... plans he knows will be rejected by the Decepticons. As the Decepticons evacuate the self-destructing Cybertron, Bludgeon rallies his warriors back to the old ways of conquest... and reveals that he sabotaged the Autobots' ships, stranding them on the dying planet.

We see in this issue just how flexible Bludgeon is. No longer just a squad leader, he shows he can deal with the trials of leadership, the sublties of politics, the fire of rallying Decepticon troops, and can turn a delicate situation to his advantage.

For me, the speech that Bludgeon gives to his troops kinda sums up what the Decepticon warrior spirit is all about:
"[The Autobots'] plan, fellow Decepticons, is weak! Ill-befitting a warrior race such as ours! Colonizing a barren world, starting from nothing, scratching a living from dust and dirt! This is not our way! We take, and any thing or one in our way is crushed! They would have us bury our heritage, bend our knees to their feeble-minded ways! Well, I say no! I say from this day on we begin afresh, with new wars to fight, new worlds to conquer! I mean, why fight it, it's in our oil!"
["Yes!" "Alright!!" exclaim the enthused Decepticons.]
"Good! Then I take it you're all quite happy to let the Autobots die with their world!"


In space, a random stab of Bludgeon's sword into a space map selects the planet Klo as the first to feel the Decepticons' might; he briefly reminds his troops of the conquest and glory to come.


On Klo, the Decepticons are running roughshod and encountering no resistance. Bludgeon gets a report from Krok that the planet has been secured with minimal resistance and virtually no casualties -- a situation that Bludgeon's warrior instincts finds disatisfying, somehow. An Autobot tracer has been found on the flagship; Bludgeon muses that they will "have to prepare a suitable welcome" for the Autobots should they come calling...

As far as I know this is the only time that we see Bludgeon out of his shell and in robot mode. Just as well... his robot form doesn't really look all that impressive, though as a tank he looks pretty cool.

"Not a bad day's work, eh?"
-- Bludgeon's assessment of capturing an entire planet

"Destruction and carnage are all well and good.. but for warriors such as we they're somehow unsatisfying!"


Bludgeon is featured on the cover, holding up a battered Wheeljack and preparing to decapitate him. Click here to see it (220 K jpeg image.)

Under Bludgeon's command, the Decepticons have absolutely trounced the invading Autobots. Bludgeon kills off one of the survivors as he reaches for a gun. Only a few 'bots remain, and they are quickly being hunted down and destroyed. Later, Bludgeon is about to finish off Wheeljack, when the super-human NeoKnights attack from out of the blue. They have been brought to Klo by the quasi-magical Last Autobot, along with the restored-to-life Optimus Prime. Bludgeon leads a counter-attack, but the combined forces of Grimlock's band of survivors, Optimus, and the NeoKnights hold his little group off long enough for the Last Autobot to revive all the fallen Autobots. After seeing the tide turned almost magically against his forces, Bludgeon wisely calls a retreat, buying time for his forces with a quick story about retreating to live a "life of exhile". To Stranglehold, he promises: they will live to fight another day...


  • Heh. It takes divine intervention to stop Bludgeon. How hard core is that?
  • This issue gives some insight into Bludgeon's more serious, mystical, disciplined side. "Have I not studied the ways of the Ultimate Warrior all my life? Have I not modeled my life on his own? I am a child of Metalikato, the one true path!" Prime responds that Blugdeon's "Ultimate Warrior" is a "distorted myth based on Primus's guardian, that is all!" It should be noted that this was the only time Bludgeon ever mentioned such things...

  • Bludgeon's leadership continues in the Generation 2 series.