Rob's Pile of Transformers: B L U D G E O N

Bludgeon in the U.S. Generation 2 Comics

Generation 2 #1

Bludgeon is seen as one of the many "ghosts" that have vanished from Optimus Prime's universe. Heh heh, that's what you think, Prime!

Generation 2 #2

On an unnamed planet, a squad of Decepticons under Bludgeon's command is decimating the ranks of Optimus Prime's Autobots; Bludgeon himself takes on Optimus. Only the unexpected intervention of a fantastically powerful alien drives the Decepticons away and saves the beleaugered Autobots from certain doom at Bludgeon's hands.

This story originally appeared as a "Halloween Special" during the original run of the UK comics. It's not clear where it fits into the G2 comic continuity, if at all... it might have happened before the events of G2, perhaps even before the battle of Unicron. Otherwise the only place to squeeze it in would be after during #3, while Prime and company are still wandering around in space, but before Bludgeon decides he needs the Matrix from Prime.

Generation 2 #3

An alien pirate ship is attacked and captured by a planetoid-sized starship... which we learn was constructed by Bludgeon and his Decepticons. This "Warworld" is not all our mighty leader has been at work on in the time since the end of the G1 comics; he's built a whole army of new Decepticons as well. To instill them with life, he needs Optimus Prime's Creation Matrix, and he knows just how to get it...

Stranglehold: "They're fighting."
Bludgeon: "Good. I like it when they struggle."

Generation 2 #4

The Warworld lays waste to Earth in an effort to attract Optimus Prime's attention. Bludgeon leaps into the fray with both feet, leading his troops on this mission of merciless destruction... and preparing to attack Prime when he arrives. Unfortunately, the destructive orgy is cut short by the arrival of Megatron, who wants his leadership role back...

Octopunch: "What about us, Bludgeon? What's the plan?"
Bludgeon: "Plan?... I just want you to destroy anything and everything you encounter!"
Quake: "Aw, gee, boss... you sure know how to keep the troops smilin'."

Generation 2 #5

Megatron and Bludgeon taunt each other briefly; then Bludgeon attacks, slicing Megs' gun in half. Megatron responds by tearing off the head of Bludgeon's shell. Bludgeon bursts out of his shell, transforms and fires; but it's not enough to stop Megatron, who also transforms and blast Bludgeon point blank, wasting him.

"Strange. The only evidence of enhancement that I see... is a bigger mouth!"


  • We get to see Bludgeon's tank form again, but not his robot mode; the tank looks considerably different than it did in #79.
  • On a personal level, I hate this issue. The ease with which Megatron takes Bludgeon down is totally out of synch with what we've seen of Bludgeon's abilities in the past. The Bludgeon we'd seen up to this point would never have even stood still long enough for Megs to get a shot at him; nor would he have wasted his first strike destroying Megatron's weapon -- he would have crippled him or killed him outright. The whole things smacks of corporate orders; Bludgeon wasn't killed by Megatron, but by the $30 price tag on the Megatron toy. And would the two of them really fight anyway? Heck, in the text story "A Distant Time and Place", Bludgeon was actively trying to restore Megatron to life!