Rob's Pile of Transformers: B L U D G E O N

Note: the following Transformers Universe entry was written entirely by myself, based upon Bludgeon's comic appearances combined with the tec specs. No official entry was ever published.

Decepticon: Bludgeon
Function: Warrior Chief
"Face me and die with honor. Flee from me and die anyway."

Profile: A master of physical combat, Bludgeon is as versitile as he is deadly. He walks among his troops with an informal, careless air, relaxed and almost joking at times. But his fuel pump is that of a warrior: when battle comes, he becomes a finely-honed killing machine. He is steeped in ancient and forbidden Cybertronian combat art of Metallikato, the practice of finding weak points in an opponent and manipulating them to maximum effect. He has also studied extensively the ancient and mystic legends of Cybertron, including the fabled teachings of the Ultimate Warrior, of whom he considers himself a student. He regards these studies as private, however, and rarely speaks of them to anyone -- to do so might reveal some weakness. He is a warrior's warrior: ever-focused on improving his skills, always working towards the larger goal, but never forgetting the troops under his command. And he is utterly without mercy for his enemies.

Abilities: Bludgeon's prowess at close-in fighting is legendary. He has one of the best rapports with his outer shell of all the Pretenders, and its organic musculature gives him lightening-fast reflexes and unparralled agility. He has no ranged weapons while within the shell, relying instead on a diamond-hard micro-serrated katana. While this might put a lesser Transformer at a disadvantage, Bludgeon's incredible agility and skill more than make up for it. The sword is not enhanced in any way; Bludgeon relies on his skill to give it its deadly effectiveness. Outside the shell, he transforms to a tank armed with an electropulse cannon. Though smaller and weaker in this form, he retains his martial art skills.

Weaknesses: Inside his shell, Bludgeon has no weaknesses. His robot form is not especially strong, but his agility more than compensates. He sacrifices this agility in his tank mode, however, and rarely uses it as a result.