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If it's a warrior's death you want... BLUDGEON will be glad to oblige you!



For some he's an unknown -- one of a vast army of Transformer toys released in the later years of the original line. For others he's an object of ridicule -- for being one of the sillier-looking members of the oft-maligned Pretender sub-line, for having an outer Pretender shell that didn't even look like any sort of real being, for bringing quasi-mystical elements into the Transformers story, or perhaps even for somehow "usurping" others as leader of the Decepticons.

There are those of us, however, who know better.

Bludgeon is a sword-weilding, Autobot-choppin', fear-inspiring, butt-kicking Decepticon warrior, a grim reaper on the battlefield. He's a master of forbidden combat arts, striking with deadly speed and incomparable skill. He is a warrior's warrior, equally at ease with either high commanders (like Thunderwing), or rank and file soldiers like his squadron members (Octopunch and Stranglehold) -- and held in equally high esteem by both. And when circumstances have demanded it, he's been much, much more. He rose overnight from squad leader to top commander of the Decepticon army. Did he waffle in his new role? Did he stumble, make mistakes and have to learn from them? Hell no. He patiently and intelligently thought out his options... and then proceded to vanquish his enemies and lead his followers to new heights of conquest, masterminding the grandiose first steps in the building of an empire. It quite literally took divine intervention to stop him (in issue #80)... and even that didn't keep him down for long, as seen in the Generation 2 series.

"The usurper, Bludgeon, gone -- beyond all chance of reanimation!"
-- Megatron, G2 #7

Should we believe Megatron's words regarding the departed warrior chief? After what Starscream survived during the G1 series, I personally think it'd take more than one piddley little cannon shot from Megatron to finish off Bludgeon for good. Sadly, unlike Nightbeat, I don't have any nitpicky reasons that Bludgeon could/might/should/must have survived his encounter with the business end of tank Megatron's rail gun. Megatron's thought dialogue quoted above implies that Bludgeon must really be gone for good. Of course, given the circumstances, you have to admit that Megatron probably wasn't trying very hard...

"Had I grasped the breadth of Bludgeon's vision and achievement, given such limited time and resource, I may not have removed him quite so entirely from the picture!"
-- Megatron laments killing off a truly great Decepticon leader, G2 #6

Fan Fiction

Bludgeon demands more stories be written about him.

For me and a lot of others, Bludgeon Lives! If the comics didn't satisfy your cravings for seeing him in action, try the following fanfic links, sorted by author:

  • Bobbi Carothers
    Bludgeon plays a major role in "Learning the Hard Way" and "Facing Up", and gets a mention or two in "Transitions" as well. This page is part of Charlotte Brogden's fanfic page.
  • HooksX
    Hooks' site, Beyond Imagination, is currently fanfic-less. But you can dig up a couple of his stories with Bludgeon on Deja. Search for "Torment" and "Empty".
  • Rob Jung
    His fanfiction page has two must-read Bludgeon stories, "The Way of the Warrior" and "One Last Dance".

  • Credit

    HUGE thanks to James Wilson, who not only let me use his UK comic scans, but actually got the color versions of most of the issues I asked to borrow. What a guy! Thanks also to Botch, who allowed me to borrow a lovely scan of the Bludgeon toy's box art.

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