Rob's Pile of Transformers: Micromaster Knockoffs

I've always been a huge fan of Micromasters, and lately I've become fascinated by the various knockoffs of them that are available as well. I've collected here all the ones that I myself own. It's a limited and incomplete set, but hopefully it'll at least gather together some information that's previously been unavailable.

Imperial: These fakes are even smaller than the already-tiny Micromasters that they're copied from. They were made by a company calling itself Imperial. They're actually entirely new molds with completely new detailing, but directly copy the transform schemes and alt.modes of various real Micromasters. There are 9 of these molds total, which were sold together on a carded package. I have 4 of them.

The Formulator Force: Mighty Minis - "Mighty little Mutating Machines that TRANSFORM before your eyes!" Several of them borrow chest/head pieces from the original Micromasters. They came in two packs of 4 each; I'm not sure where I got the 9th one, a yellow car, from. As is typical of bootlegs, they're given rather hilarious names.

Hot Rodimus: Two bizarrely colored copies of the Hot Rodimus Micromaster that came with Star Saber in Japan. Made in China, and sold to me loose from a fellow on Ebay.

The neon squad: Several members of a large group of direct copies of Micromasters, in blindingly bright neon color schemes. There are at least a dozen of these, maybe more; I have only 6. I don't know their proper name, either.

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