Rob's Pile of Transformers: Micromaster Knockoffs

Even with the debut of the Smallest Transformers line, these are still the smallest transforming robot toys I've ever seen -- Smallest TF Bumblebee, for example, is still a head taller than the Mudslinger knockoff. Only Smallest TF Ravage beats them out, and he's not all that much of a Transformer, really. These are decent-quality toys, especially considering their tiny size, and they're interesting for not simply being sized-changed copies of the originals, but rather entirely new sculpts that just copy the transform scheme and alternate mode of the originals (though somewhat simplified, in Tote's case.)

Top row: the Imperial knockoffs.
Bottom row, Tote, Mudslinger, Tailspin, Tailwind -- the original Micromasters from which they were copied. These are all to the correct scale with each other.

Vehicle modes of the same -- real ones on the outside, fakes on the inside.

Below, photos from another Transfan showing the entire group. Left to right, top to bottom, they include knockoffs of:
Whisper, Tailwind, Nightflight (Air Strike Patrol).
Highjump, Mudslinger, Tote (Off-Road Patrol).
Swindler, Roadhandler, Tailspin (Sports Car Patrol).

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