Rob's Pile of Transformers: Micromaster Knockoffs

The originals are on the left of each group.
Top row: Tailspin, Roadhugger.
Bottom row: Roller Force, Barricade (he's on the right), Slow Poke.

Probably the strangest thing about these toys is the tires -- they come in red, blue, purple, orange, and maybe some other colors I haven't seen yet too.

This page has a near-complete set of the Neon Squad. Note that in addition to the numerous direct copies, there are a few original molds including a helicopter and a prop plane, and one or two altered ones (such as Big Shot with a hollowed-out gun barrel and a radar dish.)

Details showing the poor molding and paint quality of the knockoffs. The arm of the Barricade knockoff (the bright green one) is a shivelled mass of plastic threads.

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