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Message 35 Date received: 12/31/2002 Time: 5:50 pm

Email ngeoffroy1@hotmail.com
Name Natalie
City New Orleans


I have anjoyed this site very much. I went for a little "mini-vacation" to STL in May and I was astounded by all of the buildings and architecture the city had to offer. I was amazed by the old City Hospital complex and I was sad to see that some of it was being demolished. The city was great and I hope to return one day soon. Keep up the site!

Message 34 Date received: 12/31/2002 Time: 11:35 am

Email johnnylojic@hotmail.com
Name Johnny O'Neil
City STL!!!


Yo man, excellent website. Was just surfing and I got here somehow... I was born in California but moved to STL when I was VERY young so I've grown up here my whole life. I was raised in Webster Groves which is more west of the city but I have spent many nights and days in the city I now love so much. St. Louis is a very unique town and I never seen any place like it. Other cities like Nashville and Indianapolis... they just don't seem to have that juice that STL does. Maybe I haven't researched them or spent enough time there... I'm just saying I love STL and I'm glad to see there is someone out there that is willing enough to put so much work into a website like this. KEEP PIMPIN!!!!

Message 33 Date received: 12/30/2002 Time: 3:51 pm

Email estosback@grics.net
Name Bill Deischer
City Pekin, IL 61554


Viewing your site brought back some precious memories of East St. Louis, as I was born on 5th Street just behind the Broadview Hotel, was raised on the Bloody Island and lived for awhile on South 10th Street, Trendley Avenue, and lastly, 6th Street across the street from Franklin Park before I went into the Marine Corps at nineteen years of age in February of 1952. I never did return to East St. Louis after 1956 relocating to Decatur, Illinois instead. Thank you for the pictorial tour.

Message 32 Date received: 12/26/2002 Time: 7:26 pm

Email florenceh1@prodigy.net
Name Florence Allen Hunstein
City Sun City West, AZ


Appreciate this site! My husband and I both orn and reared in northside, many wonderful memories. O'Fallon Park, Fairgrounds Park, Harrison and Beaumont Schools, etc. Have not visited our old neighborhood for many years - you have helped to make possible our "visit" through your excellent photos, information. I lived on Holly Avenue near O'Fallon Park - it was a grand old avenue -beautiful homes. I am happy to find your website - looking forward to more! Thanks!

Message 31 Date received: 12/22/2002 Time: 1:36 am

Email shawnanna1@yahoo.com
Name Shawna
City Jefferson City, MO


This is a wonderful site, packed with well-researched info. I share your love of St. Louis architecture and thank you for your insightful comments as well as facts.

Message 30 Date received: 12/18/2002 Time: 10:26 pm

Email slusmiles@yahoo.com
Name Clint Glascock
City St Louis


Thanks for taking the time to maintain a Website such as this. It's a wonderful gateway to the community. Past links present to future.

Message 29 Date received: 12/15/2002 Time: 4:27 am

Email hophead71@hotmail.com
Name Matthew Thenhaus
City Saint Louis


Thank you so much for this tour of my hometown. I've recently bought a house in my old neighborhood (Tower Grove/South Grand) and now spend a lot of time getting reaquainted with the Southside and discovering the areas I'd never known. I feel like our lamentably apathetic past is truly behind us and, thanks to the efforts of people unwilling to turn their back on this town, the future seems bright indeed.

Message 28 Date received: 12/11/2002 Time: 8:53 am

Name Chelsea Ebker
City Fenton


Good Site!

Message 27 Date received: 12/10/2002 Time: 12:08 am

Email eliebson@hotmail.com
Name elliot
City st louis


An amazing, well-ordered site! Before I saw your site, I had a notion to put up pictures of st louis architecture on-line; now I don't have to. A suggestion: a screen of thumbnails of 'cool buildings that don't merit their own page': there are literally hundreds of buildings in the city people ought to see, that don't have the significance of a Continental or Kiel Opera house, but work in the greater context of the city as a whole. Elliot St. Louis Rob replies: Ack! Great idea.... would you like to handle the production of it? :D Seriously... I have given some thought to such an idea, but for now it's on the backburner as other projects (not to mention school) occupy my attention. Some day, though!

Message 26 Date received: 12/9/2002 Time: 2:19 pm

Email mrengel@runbox.com
Name Mike Rengel
City St. Louis


Thank you so much for this site, it's am amazing wealth of knowledge. More St. Louisans would be well served to take interest in historic buildings and renewing urban life.

Message 25 Date received: 12/9/2002 Time: 11:58 am


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Message 24 Date received: 12/6/2002 Time: 2:14 pm

Email coldrumdrink@aol.com
Name Larry Briggs
City Houston Texas


I was born and raised east of st.louie in granite city...i was looking for some info on the eads bridge,,and found a whole lot more...i really loved the pictures of "the barn".i seen some awesome concers there back in the day....

Message 23 Date received: 12/5/2002 Time: 12:22 am

Email jorojek@hotmail.com
Name Joe Rojek
City St Louis (Downtown)


Hi Robert: I enjoy your site and the pictures you have taken. I am interested in talking with you when you get the chance. I can be reached at 314-290-7411. I am in contact with a gentleman interested in looking for a photographer to take pictures of the Tower Grove area and park. Any interest or do you have recommendations? Look forward to hearing from you. JR

Message 22 Date received: 12/4/2002 Time: 5:52 pm

Email tglad777@yahoo.com
Name Tom
City Chesterfield


What a great website!!!! I've been checking it for the last six years. As a native St. Louisian at age 60, I can remember so much of the 1950's and later. Last night I drove to Soulard for a great dinner. As I drove down Highway 40 on a cold and clear December night, the downtown area looked so beautiful. We're an old city and you can't save it all. But we're as sensitive as any city to restoration. Witness Washington Avenue, LaSalle Park, Soulard, Midtown. I never would have believed these areas would have bounced back as they have done. Let's be happy for what we've saved. And congrats to Steve Trampe on the Continental Building. Who would have EVER thought he could pull it off.

Message 21 Date received: 12/2/2002 Time: 8:38 am

Email barbanny@yahoo.com
Name B. Anderson
City New York


I heard about the tv program on the Continental Building while in St. Louis last month and was disappointed that I would miss it, so I REALLY APPRECIATE your website information. THANKS! I wish that someone had proofread the copy, however. Spelling mistakes ("concieved" and "guarentee") and punctuation problems mar the Continental story, as does "soley" in the BStL introduction. Please have someone make corrections, if possible. Thank you again.

Message 20 Date received: 11/23/2002 Time: 9:24 pm

Url continentalrelay.com
Email valid@continentalrelay.com
Name Amy Walters
Country USA


I like your site, you did a good job!
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Message 19 Date received: 11/8/2002 Time: 7:32 pm

Email soldbykellie@aol.com
Name Kellie Landaker
City St Louis


Great site. Thanks for your work...awesome job. How I wish I would win the lottery and save some of those north side beauties!

Message 18 Date received: 11/1/2002 Time: 10:37 am

Email jnjaggi@hotmail.com
Name Jason Jaggi
City St. Louis


Great website! It keeps getting better and better. It is such a nice place to remind all of us what a special place this old river city is. Keep up the great work!

Message 17 Date received: 10/28/2002 Time: 1:00 pm

Email mannelin@hotmail.com
Name moira
City bloomington, in


hey rob, man you really do like this website. i hope that your update from the weekend goes well, it looks like you put tons of work into this product. :) good luck!

Message 16 Date received: 10/4/2002 Time: 2:02 pm

Email steszter@yahoo.com
Name Eszter Stampel
City Miskolc


I found the website really fascinating. My dream of visiting St. Louis have just become reality, and I looked for all the historic buildings of downtown that I saw on this site. The Century and the Syndicate Trust are my favorites, but all the other old buildings are just as beautiful. I like the modern skyscrapers, too and also the special blend and mixture of the two styles in downtown St. Louis. I hope the city will find a way to save and renovate all the struggling buildings; it would really worth the effort. Best wishes and congratulations on the website!!!

Message 15 Date received: 9/30/2002 Time: 2:51 pm

Email mhstlbluz@aol.com
Name Matthew R. Hicks
City Sunset Hills


Thank you for producing this site; it is an invaluable resource to all of those that are fascinated by Saint Louis' unrivaled architecture. I have lived in and around Saint Louis off and on throughout my life, but wherever I've been, Saint Louis has always felt like home. Much of its charm lies within its architecture- from the concrete canyons of downtown to charming neighborhoods like Lafayette Square and the Central West End. However, Saint Louis will never reach its full potential until we realize that its promise for the future lies within its past. Few cities have our built environment, and if we capitalize on the opportunity, we can be the envy of any city anywhere. Hopefully this website can continue to educate people, by showing what has been lost, and what can be saved, in Saint Louis, East Saint Louis, and other historic areas within our metropolitan region. Keep up the good work!

Message 14 Date received: 9/22/2002 Time: 5:39 am

Name anthony shaw



Message 13 Date received: 9/18/2002 Time: 8:47 pm

Email cwallace02@yahoo.com
Name Carol Wallace
City Maryland Heights


I just looked at your website on the riverfront. I definately agree! I took a friend to the arch last year. I forgot how ratty it looked on the Mississippi. I was so embarrased. It's just surrounded by the beauty of the arch, courthouse, Laclede's Landing, etc. Why can't they clean that mess up?

Message 12 Date received: 9/17/2002 Time: 4:54 pm

Email wood_aj@lycos.com
Name Alan J. Wood
City Tucson, AZ 857xx


I've followed his site(s) since the mid 90's. It even had a picture of the author. He's removed himself in that regard but he?s reminded me of the reasons why these buildings come and go. If you can look at them as more than brick and mortar, they are opinions themselves. He hasn?t tried to control an agenda with his opinions, he instead uses the Web as a forum for them. Name anyone else that would have invested so much into a website for lost names, vacant rooms and peeling paint. Builts? author shows compassion and dedication when it comes to Saint Louis architecture. He speaks for those whom are long gone and those yet to build. 30+ years ago, I sat on the same waterfront pictured here, wondering what those water currents carry with them, where they go and when they?ll arrive. Now that Built has used just the right film to bring that town back to me, I welcome any opinion the author has got. If you?re really nice, I?ll tell you the story of walking from Gaslight Square up to the Continental Building with a frozen mustache, only to be invited up to ?the penthouse? to look at what Mr. Mays had to, long before me, seen out of those windows. Floors and floors with the odor of a million pages of carbon paper and a hundred gallons of perfume never left me. Builtstlouis? photos bring back some of the best days of my life.

Message 11 Date received: 9/12/2002 Time: 12:54 am

Name Peaches
City St. Louis


I've been on the site all day. Although it is very interisting and a times a blast from the past for a home grown St. Louisian, honestly the commentary is at some points unnecessary and at time off putting. It would be a wonderful asset to people who want to either know about buildings that as St. Louisians have taken for granted but I at this point cannot in good conscience recommend. A person wouldn't want to read the information because the constant opinions are so irritating. The truth of the matter is, things have to change. I'm sure there were buildings that had to leave to make place for the much loved ones of today. But they may have been much loved themselves. Not everything from the past can be saved and people are more willing to be soft to your cause if you don't turn them off.

Message 10 Date received: 9/11/2002 Time: 9:37 pm

Email coolmercedes@hotmail.com
Name Noah A.
City St. Louis (suburbs)


It is very nice knowing that there are people in St. Louis who treasure the past of this once majestic city which rivaled the likes of Chicago and New York. Whenever I'm not in college at the University of Missouri and back in St. Louis, I take pride in some of the historic landmarks and other great places that the city still has like Tower Grove Park and the Central West End. Good job on the site! Noah

Message 9 Date received: 9/11/2002 Time: 7:50 am

Name jeff
City St. Louis


Wonderful site...

Message 8 Date received: 9/10/2002 Time: 1:11 pm

Email campbellism@prodigy.net
Name brian campbell
City atlanta


great site! every city needs dedication like this. unfortunately atlanta is a vast wasteland of post modernism and dryvit. having lost most of its past it is without character but still has potential. from kentucky i moved here to work and get master of architecture from GATECH. i've visited STL and feel the same about our older cities like louisville pittsburgh, cinicinnati. is there hope for phila? brian campbell

Message 7 Date received: 9/9/2002 Time: 10:42 am

Email bigl74@hotmail.com
Name Dan Limmer
City st. louis


Great site keep up the good work.

Message 6 Date received: 8/29/2002 Time: 10:34 pm

Email pjsavage1@yahoo.com
Name Paul Savage
City St. Louis, MO


I just moved to St. Louis, MO four years ago from North Carolina, and while I do miss the ocean and the mountains I find a beautiful sea of buildings that fascinate me and haunt me at the same time. How is it possible to ignore the stories and the history of such a place as this great city? Thanks for your site and your dedication to the history and the stories of what is still a great city that in the future will shine bright once again as these places cannot die.

Message 5 Date received: 8/25/2002 Time: 9:14 pm

Name Sibongile B. N. Lynch
City Atlanta


I grew up in North St. Louis, in the Walnut Park neighborhood. I went to Mark Twain Elementary School, and Northwest High School. And, although I've lived in Atlanta, Georgia for the last twelve years, I find your website fascinating, as I have always had a fondness for St. Louis architecture.

Message 4 Date received: 8/22/2002 Time: 3:07 pm

Email mitch42@mac-email.com
Name Barry Mitchell
City Cedarburg, WI


Great work on your site, Rob! Very interesting narratives combined with excellent photography. You're really capturing the heart of the issues here. Keep it up. Hope you're enjoying Milwaukee.

Message 3 Date received: 8/13/2002 Time: 1:26 pm

Email twinettejohnson@yahoo.com
Name Twinette Johnson
City New York


What a wonderful website. I spent time in STL as an undergraduate at SLU. I have always been enamored by the wonderful architecture there. Your website tours are wonderful as well. Thanks for a truly educational and eye-opening pictorial collaberation.

Message 2 Date received: 8/9/2002 Time: 2:09 pm


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Message 1 Date received: 8/2/2002 Time: 5:10 pm

Email repowers@uwm.edu
Name Robert Powers
City Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Okay, here we go again. Hopefully this guest book won't up and die the way the last one did. :]
Name - techbalt.com Email - techbalt@lycos.com
Date -- Tuesday, 12 February 2002, at 10:49 p.m. From - Baltimore, MD
As a guy who graduated from Wash U in 1998. I really like this site. Although there were not any pic that i saw of the area aroudn Wsh U and Forrest park, it brought back memories.
I always thought of St. Louis as a Midwest version of Baltimore. The cities are a lot a like. Now I am trying to fix up Baltimore. Like you I have a site, mostly with ideas rather then photos.

Good Luck

Name - greg Email - gortyl@yahoo.com
Date -- Monday, 11 February 2002, at 11:09 p.m. From - charlotte
Helluva job, man. Makes for an hour of surfing, wondering where exactly that hour went. My girlfriend and I may be getting back to the Lou. She's a furniture design/art history graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. She's been wondering what the design industry and community is like in St. Louis. This gives great insight into the character of the community, both good and bad. Hopefully, she can find an opportunity to help bring contemporary design into St. Louis to complement the century-old architect that you have detailed. Any insight into St. Louis' design field would be appreciated - specifically furniture design, environmental design, interior design and architecture. For example, job market, are there cutting edge ideas out there, support, groups, etc. Thanks!

Name - Alan Wood Email - wood_aj@lycos.com
Date -- Saturday, 9 February 2002, at 1:44 a.m. From - Tucson, AZ
15 years old and the first car trip to St. Louis
in 1967 was memorable in that before pollution
controls were installed into cars, my eyes would
water and burn from the moment we crossed
West over the Eads Bridge to the moment we left.

Name - Rebecca Riegel Email - beccariegel@yahoo.com
Date -- Friday, 8 February 2002, at 8:07 p.m. From - Currently FL, Native to Webster Groves, MO
Great site, great work. Home will always be St. Louis.

Name - Marty Email - mmartinko3@msn.com
Date -- Thursday, 7 February 2002, at 9:51 p.m. From - St. Louis (Ferguson)
A fabulous site. Should be a requirement for our civic leaders to view. I was born and raised in the St. Louis area, and in my 53 years I have seen this city go from a world class major city to the depths it has due to our civic leaders shameful lack of appreciation of our excellent architectural heritage. They've trashed the city and then sit around and wonder why the area has had a mere 2% growth in the last decade. How many blows to the head do these yoyos need before they wake up and realize if they continue to trash our city no one will want to live here?

Name - Thomas J. Gamache Email - Tsgama@att.net
Date -- Tuesday, 5 February 2002, at 8:34 p.m. From - Camarillo, California
I moved away from your fair city in 1967. Looking over this site I have found many sites that I remember in my childhood. This site is very information and interesting. Keep up the great work

Name - Shawn Email - shawn_k_mcguire@yahoo.com
Date -- Monday, 4 February 2002, at 3:52 p.m. From - St. Louis

Working on research for a book about Chain of Rocks Amusement Park (Fun Fair Park) and have seen a few references to the park and bridge in here...Would really love to connect with anyone who might be able to tell some stories; share pics; or look at the bibliography of stuff I've collected so far.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Shawn McGuire

Name - alan Email - 1959meto@mediaone.net
Date -- Sunday, 3 February 2002, at 5:12 a.m. From - boston
amamazing site. keep up the good work.

Name - John Aramowicz Email - aramweb@arach.net.au
Date -- Wednesday, 30 January 2002, at 3:30 a.m. From - PERTH, AUSTRALIA
I loved thhe site especially the bits on East St. Louis. I was born and raised in Fairmont City where my father and mother ran a confectionary called the Busy Bee.
I remember thhe Majestic and Collinsville ave. real well. I left the area over 30 years ago and do get to come back about every 6 or 7 years.
Great work.
John Aramowicz
visit my home page below

Name - Bill Buchholz Email - kimbuc@juno.com`
Date -- Tuesday, 29 January 2002, at 5:23 p.m. From - St. Louis
Born and raised in St. Louis, spent 20 yrs in the Air Force and really didn't appreciate the beauty of the city until I returned in 1975.

My father's tavern on South Broadway was at one time a Brewery in the 1800's now gone. The Gambrinus Hall now gone.
The St. Louis House now gone.

The City Fathers seem hell bent on destroying the heritage of the Gateway to the West.

Would suggest they check with the Indianapolis on how to make the area around the their Sports Complex into a vibrant area to visit.
Or for that matter Columbus, Ohio on how to renovate their German neighborhood into a wonderful experience of both dinning and living, both areas just off of I-70

Maybe if our City Fathers were proud of the Cities Heritage it wouldn't look like something out of World War II.

Name - Joy Email - joyfir@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 29 January 2002, at 3:54 p.m. From - Napa, CA
Loved this site. If your beautiful treasures were here in Napa, CA. they would be snapped up and remodeled so very quickly. How can these beauties just fall down with no one caring?

Name - judy taylor Email - judyrayt@swbell.net
Date -- Tuesday, 29 January 2002, at 3:30 p.m. From - st. louis
thank you so very much for this site. I was born and raised in old North St. Louis and have many fond memories. It is so sad to that so many of the wonderful structures are being torn down (or burned down). I have some photos of Coral Courts when it was being torn down - if you have any interest, please let me know. please keep this fantastic web site going...i will visit it often...thanks again!

Name - cristina Email - cpinzaru@hotmail.com
Date -- Tuesday, 29 January 2002, at 2:54 p.m. From - canada
a beautiful place!

Name - Debbie Email - dddmend@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 29 January 2002, at 9:40 a.m. From - Waterloo, Il
I was raised in Washington Park, Il and was thrilled to see the pictures of St. Louis and East St. Louis. I am now living in dowwntown St. Louis and as enjoying city and watching the city come back to live. My mother was born and raised in the city of St. Louis.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Name - Pat Email - Pat@nebraskaruralweb.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 9:57 p.m. From - Nebraska
I grew up in the area and love your site.

There are some wonderful building left, I hope
they don't loose what is left.

Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 9:35 p.m. From - ST. LOUIS NORTH


Name - bill Email - bill34w@yahoo.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 7:55 p.m. From - st. ann missouri
Great site! I really appreciate your work.

Name - Floyd Shipman Email - fandl-shipman@erols.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 4:26 p.m. From - Newport News, VA
Thank you for this site. I saw my grade school and high school. Places I knew, played and grew up in.

Name - julie kavitski Email - j.kavitski@excite.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 4:22 p.m. From - st. louis
I've always griped about the lack of interesting architectural
sites in this city, and the general disdain of our illustrious city government.
We moved out of St. Louis when I was 6 years old, moving to Pittsburgh, then to other points east and south.
When I moved back to St. Louis after 13 years in Houston, I was shocked by how little had changed.
The desolation of the north side is especially sickening.
What gripes me is the millions of dollars spent on "feasibility studies" for the future of
downtown St. Louis, only to have NOTHING done.
What we need in this city of someone, or a group of people, with vision.
Our current city pseudo-leaders are unable to jumpstart any lasting revivals.
I enjoyed your website, but its mere existence proves the lack of determination to save or renovate
the many worthy structures.
The other problem I see is the overall rampant conservatism that plagues this city and its pseudo-leaders.
The deplorable state of the riverfront gives evidence to this. Could you imagine the effect of
building an art museum such as the newest one that graces the waterfront of Milwaukee?
Nah, not here in St. Louis. Too damn innovative.
Your sites should be required reading for all city planners(?). Since they are willing to let everything rot away,
perhaps after it does they'd appoint another advisory committee to the tune of several million dollars to rebuild it again.
How about another parking garage?
Seriously, though, thanks for documenting the architecture of a dying lady....

Name - Ken Barker Email - kbarker@bjpc.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 3:01 p.m. From - Cahokia, IL
I have lived and worked in and around the St. Louis area all my life, as have several generations of my family. My grandparents lived through the race riots of 1917 in E. St. Louis. This site is amazing! What an eye opener. Thank you for sharing your "hobby" with us.

Name - sam Email - sam.smythe@bushinternet.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 2:02 p.m. From - england
The best site on the web

love st louis !!!

Name - Laura Joffe Email - l_joffe@hotmail.com
Date -- Monday, 28 January 2002, at 1:11 p.m. From - St. Louis/Seattle
I was born and raised in St. Louis. As a kid I lived in the counties and then moved to the city. One of the things that I found most disturbing as a St. Louisan was blatant disregard for the beauty of St. Louis' urban space. What a beautiful City! And I am so glad to see the Continental Building being restored. Admittedly in High School, my friends and I would break into the Continental Building and hang out there searching for Treasure. The penthouse was beatutiful. Thank you for makig my day better.

Name - JLD Email - jld@knitsnbytes.com
Date -- Friday, 25 January 2002, at 4:14 p.m. From - Delaware
I lived in St. Louis for six years and loved
seeing the Coral Court and many other
wonderful architectural gems (like
the White Palace on Chippewa.)

I mourned the loss of the Coral Court.
I had tried to photograph it (I'm an
amateur b&w photographer) but the manager
would not give permission to let it be
photographed and I did not know about
the reputation for "nooners" and "no-tell
clientele" being kind of naive at the
time. Oh well.

The sad loss of many of our architectural
gems in the US disturbs me.

Name - Sue Email - martin_route66@yahoo.com
Date -- Sunday, 20 January 2002, at 10:07 p.m. From - Barry, IL
This is a fabulous site. I first found it while looking up info on the MacArthur Bridge (great pics, by the way). I was actually only interested in things to do with Route 66...but after looking at the "Vanished" section, I became completely intriqued and have now looked through every section on the site. I think this is one of the best sites on the web and hope you continue. You keep people's awareness heightened so that we (hopefully) will not lose any more landmarks to "parking lots". I live in a very rural community about 100 miles north of St. Louis and now can't seem to drive through any towns without looking for surviving heritage. I am particularly interested in old movie theaters (especially if they have a balcony) and wondered if you had pictures of any from the St. Louis area? Thanks for the GREAT site.
Name - Jerry Cook Email - grteton@msn.com
Date -- Sunday, 6 January 2002, at 4:05 a.m. From - Fall City, WA
Incredible site. I grew up in St. Louis in the 1940's & 50's. It was a wonderful city in which to grow up. I lived across the street from Sigel Elementary & graduated from there & McKinley High. How I loved cruising the Palace of Poison, Steak & Shake & having a Concrete at Ted Drewes. Warm summer nights at the 66 Drive-In or sitting at the Colored Fountain in Forest Park. My first job was at Soulard Market & my second was at Fairchild's Clothing Store on Cherokee St. And at Christmas, going downtown to Famous-Barr, up to the 8th Floor with all the wonderful toys. Standing in line with what seemed like 5000 other kids to shake Hopalong Cassidys hand at the Grand Opening of the new Famous-Barr in Clayton. Riding the Hodamont streetcar out to Creve Coeur Lake or taking a day trip to Lambert Field just to watch the airplanes take off & land. Or going to Art Hill after the first snow fall. Thanks for the great site !!!

Name - chriscerda Email - chriscerda@hotmail.com
Date -- Wednesday, 2 January 2002, at 5:20 p.m. From - bakersfeild