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Message 107 Date received: 12/24/2003 Time: 11:51 pm


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Message 106 Date received: 12/23/2003 Time: 6:59 pm

Email surplusally@yahoo.com
Name Noel
City NYC


Hello Robert Powers - I am very impressed with this site and would like to talk to you regarding some architecture and photographic work. However, the 'contact me' button on your website does not seem to be working. Please e-mail me with your contact info at: surplusally@yahoo.com

Message 105 Date received: 12/19/2003 Time: 5:13 pm

Email timothyjohn@excite.com
Name Tim Eichholz
City Kirkwood, MO


Great website. Keep up the good work. There need to be more archives of these lost and forgotten wonders.

Message 104 Date received: 12/8/2003 Time: 4:58 pm

Email r.heimann@cox.net
Name Rich Heimann
City St. Louis


Great web site. I see lots of planning about new lofts and the attempt to revitalize st. Loius. I am thingking about buyin a condo in the city but I still fear that St. Louis is a has been city. How do you feel about what's really happening. I saw the inside of the restored Merchandise Mart building in October and it was beautiful. would you investment property in the city? Would appreciate your thoughts

Message 103 Date received: 12/4/2003 Time: 1:26 pm

Email cknights@pobox.com
Name Cathy Johnson Knights
City St. Louis


On 12/3/03 this site contained info about the Page and Union Police Station (demolished). Today 12/4/03 I cannot find it or the Coral Courts. Where did they go? Please, please put them back. Thank you. C Knights

Message 102 Date received: 11/23/2003 Time: 11:26 pm

Email shoowaa_al0@lycos.com
Name Albert S. Ammon III
City Arvada CO


Great site! Very informative with great photos. As a history buff some photos and info is sadning but then this site offers excellent information. Great job!

Message 101 Date received: 11/22/2003 Time: 11:55 am

Email dennis.shelly@ttu.edu
Name Dennis Shelly
City Lubbock


I'm looking for information on the Washington Hotel where the founders of the American Leather Chemists Association held their first convention in 1904.

Message 100 Date received: 11/19/2003 Time: 8:57 pm

Email goldkampf@email.hsc.edu
Name F.J.M. Goldkamp
City St Louis, MO/Hampden-Sydney, VA


Wonderful website...I'm a native St. Louisan who is at school in Virginia and your website is wonderful!

Message 99 Date received: 11/9/2003 Time: 3:48 am

Email johnegan@vcn.com
Name John Egan
City Topeka, KS


It's four in the morning because I had to look at every single photo on your site. I teach history at KU and am very grateful for the work you have done. It is easy to consider the 60s and 70s as the era of urban decay a la Jackson's Crabgrass Frontier, but as your section on the Gaslight District so clearly demonstates - urban abandonment has not only resumed but accelerated since then. I might draw a parallel with the population outmigration and decline of Great Plains towns. There was a brief respite in the 1970s as indicated by census data - but the decline resumed by 1980 and continues to this day. It is truly sobering when one juxtaposes images from Main St with your photos of North St. Louis. I do not recall where I encountered the term "suburban doughnut" to describe that small physical region which dominates American culture, finance, policy, education - to the profound detriment of other places and peoples - but it is an apt metaphor. I would like to send students to your site - I find students today benefit from a visual source - then I can get them to read. Again, many thanks. John Egan

Message 98 Date received: 11/5/2003 Time: 10:22 am

Name STL Native
City Saint Louis


My family has lived in Saint Louis since the mid 1800'. I currently work downtown, and so I'm able to see firsthand the current condition of things, as well as the latest efforts to revitalize the area. I often think as I walk around the city, of what things must have looked like to my ancestors, and that I am certainly walking the same streets my great, great, grandfather walked. Seeing the traces of former beauty in so many of our buildings, I can't help but think of the glory-days of Saint Louis, and what it has become. I can only hope that the future of this once-great city is brighter than today. Excellent site, thank you.

Message 97 Date received: 11/2/2003 Time: 7:18 am

Name J Rosenstein
City St Louis


The list of original cities in the United States is short, yet St. Louis undoubtedly belongs near the top. I have lived in several cities around North America, and still my hometown beckoned. My family's roots are here, my roots are here and now my childrens' roots are here. There is only one St. Louis, and we need to cherish it because a place like this cannot be replicated.

Message 96 Date received: 10/31/2003 Time: 7:31 am


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Message 95 Date received: 10/24/2003 Time: 4:59 pm

Email Octaviograham@yahoo.com
Name O. Graham
City Seattle


Great web site! It is very interesting to see what was once such a beautiful city decay and crumble and slowly come back to life. I wish nothing but the best for St. Louis and its beautiful architecture.

Message 94 Date received: 10/16/2003 Time: 4:43 pm

Email sarahso23@netscape.net
Name Sarah Southward
City St. Louis


Thank you for creating a site that keeps many of our Architectural achievments alive, even if the city of St. Louis can't.

Message 93 Date received: 10/15/2003 Time: 9:18 pm


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Message 92 Date received: 10/14/2003 Time: 0:27 am

Name Amy


I found your site and found myself burrowing endlessly through it. Amazing stuff!

Message 91 Date received: 10/2/2003 Time: 1:10 am

Email mike.bishop@ablefew.com
Name Mike Bishop
City St. Louis


Wondeful site!!! I am glad to see a regrowth of St. Louis.. Now if we can keep these people in the city maybe we can see more dollars being pumped into these wonderful sites!! We should put the higher tax rate on the county!! Yes you Afton Ladue and you stupid Chesterfieldians.. All that traffic on 40 ... was it realy worth it ? Ha!!

Message 90 Date received: 9/23/2003 Time: 5:56 pm

Email largefather03@yahoo.com
Name Ralph
City Anaheim, Ca.


Wonderful site! The good juxtaposed against the bad, but reality, nonetheless. It's sad in some way to see my neighborhoods in such shape but hopefully the former occupants have gone on to a better life. Got love from The Ville and Jeff-Vander-Lou

Message 89 Date received: 9/23/2003 Time: 5:17 pm

Email cyberdale@cableaz.com
Name A. D. Halsey
City Mesa, AZ


Wow! What a great web-site! Having grown up in Univ. City in the 1950's, I've been inside of a lot of those buildings, such as the Ambassador (where we attended an early "Cinerama" movie), the Arena, Keil Auditorium. In reference to your first photo of the Cabanne district "looking west on Page toward the city limits",my grandparents lived at the top of the hill there on Page where it curves to the left. And my father worked at the old Ely & Walker Dry Goods at 1520(?) Washington. It is sad to see all those old buildings and houses demolished or crumbling. Thanks for taking the time and effort to at least "preserve" them in pictures.

Message 88 Date received: 9/12/2003 Time: 10:36 pm


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Message 87 Date received: 9/3/2003 Time: 9:56 pm

Email boerngen@uiuc.edu
Name Maria
City Rantoul, IL


Really enjoy looking at the pictures! I just spent Labor Day weekend in one of the renovated Washington Ave. hotels (formerly Lennox, now Renaissance Suites), and the place was amazing.

Message 86 Date received: 8/27/2003 Time: 1:35 pm

Email basilberchekasjr@yahoo.com
Name basil berchekas jr.
City atlanta ga


This site is really excellent for an historical synopsis of the saint ouis area, as well as having applicability to other urban areas (like atlanta). I'm an urban planner, so I 'm fascinated by this site and the historical perspective it provides planners like myself.

Message 85 Date received: 8/25/2003 Time: 9:36 am

Email bishopwhitener@yahoo.com
Name michelle bishop
City college station, tx


I have relatives that lived in St. Louis around the turn of the century and old photos of some homes, parks, buildings, etc. I am very interested in knowing about the restoration of these buildings. Please keep me updated. Thank you. Michelle Bishop

Message 84 Date received: 8/19/2003 Time: 3:02 pm

Email didgits@hotmail.com
Name Kevin Sears
City Stillwater, OK


As a former St. Louisian, I am proud that someone has put something out in the world in order to bring light to St. Louis' decay. Because of this site, I am now an architecture student at OSU and hope to help refurbish some of St. Louis' neglected buildings in the future. St. Louis is such a great city and needs to be vibrant again.

Message 83 Date received: 8/11/2003 Time: 0:54 am

Email basicradio@hotmail.com
Name pat
City St.Louis


I very much enjoyed your site.Although you did forget one landmark. The Wood-Smith castle. It is near the Ameren UE plant and it is kind of hidden. goto this link to learn more. http://www.dupontcastle.com/castles/woodsmit.htm . Its kind of in ruins. but if you ever have the chance to go there it is a wonderful place.

Message 82 Date received: 8/9/2003 Time: 8:20 pm


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Message 81 Date received: 7/27/2003 Time: 12:09 am

Email craigfentress@aol.com
Name craig fentress
City Bremerton,Wa. 98337


I was born and raised in EAST ST.LOUIS.I have family still there. I havn't lived there in over 20 years, but it always had good people there. I plan to return for a visit in 2004.

Message 80 Date received: 7/24/2003 Time: 4:35 pm

Email ferdshaw@comcast.net
Name Ferd Shaw
City Monterey, CA


Your site brings me great pleasure while it also saddens me. I was born in St. Louis in 1935. I attended the Banneker elementary School on Lucas Ave. and Vashon High in the 50?s. You might say that my very youth is spilled among the streets of St. Louis. As a kid my friends and I enjoyed hopping a trolley and riding to various parts of the city. Many hours were spent exploring the river front before the arch was there. Sportsman?s Park to see the cards play. They use to give away tickets in school for the Knot Hole Club to influence kids to see the Browns play. I remember how busy Washington Ave. was in those days and the department stores in the area. There was a large market downtown where we would buy smoked fish wrapped in wax paper for about a nickel. I have lived in many cities since leaving St. Louis in 1956, including some European cities yet I get very nostalgic when I view the photos of St. Louis on your web site. My sister owned a home in Lafayette Park. I wish she had lived to see the restoration completed. Until I viewed your site I had forgotten or was never aware of the grandeur of the architecture of St. Louis Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

Message 79 Date received: 7/23/2003 Time: 3:34 pm

Email keithsmurray@msn.com
Name Keith Murray
City St. Louis, MO


Such an informative, challenging and committed site. Thank you for your energy and vision.

Message 78 Date received: 7/23/2003 Time: 1:10 pm

Email lab6408@aaahawk.com
Name Laurel Butler
City Austin, TX


Thanks for this site. I am a native St. Louisan who has lived in Austin, TX for more than 20 yrs. My folks grew up in north St. Louis & it makes me cry to see how much potential is being lost in the city. I spend most of my visits to St.L driving the old neighborhoods, north, south & all over & marveling at the richness that still exists & that being lost. What can be done?

Message 77 Date received: 7/15/2003 Time: 2:46 pm

Email fiatman@earthlink.net
Name Philip Dennis
City St. Louis


Check out my properties at 5336 Cabanne and 5344 Cabanne. I saw the ones that were photographed for the web page, and I thought that you might be interested in these beauties.

Message 76 Date received: 7/14/2003 Time: 8:10 am

Email Nannette_478@Yahoo.com
Name Nannette
City Fl to Memphis in 95


Excellent,helps me relate to father's family old home town. Thanks!!

Message 75 Date received: 6/27/2003 Time: 11:50 am

Email debomoresi@hotmail.com
Name deboreh moresi


Hi all Moresi, I know that a lof Moresi's live in this city.I'm 31 years old and I leave in switzerland.I would love to have any contact with moresi any where, I'm looking for relatives in usa.I know a brother of muy grand mather (she called Irene Moresi bored Campana) get to Usa his name was paolino,and I know have children. ciao ciao
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Message 74 Date received: 6/25/2003 Time: 1:38 pm

Email dobrien@watson.wustl.edu
Name David O'Brien
City St. Louis


Terrific site! I'm a native and love this city, so it's great to see such a thorough, inciteful, educational site dedicated to the history and grandness of our architecture. Great work.

Message 73 Date received: 6/24/2003 Time: 3:39 pm

Email rasmussen@freakscene.net
Name Doug Rasmussen
City St. Louis


I have lived here for 4 years (previously lived in Chicago and Madison Wisconsin)and think STL is one of the best cities around. The beauty of our architecture is unsurpassed, and it is a great pleasure to see the tremendous momentum that has occured here recently. Not only do we have the most beautiful restored neighborhoods (Soulard, Lafayette Square), even our blighted areas are starting to come back. Case in point, my wife and I just closed on a vacant house in Old North St. Louis, and will be one of the many young couples that are currently renovating a home in that area. I feel so lucky to be part of a place so steeped in tradition, unique, and community driven. I look forward to our home being photographed as evidence of the continuing resurgence of this great city and its great people. STL is America's best kept secret!

Message 72 Date received: 6/16/2003 Time: 12:26 am

Email dvansant@journalnow.com
Name Douglas VanSant
City Winston-Salem, NC


What a facinating section on the Northside. I lived in Youngstown, Ohio for awhile and saw something very similar. Only, in Youngstown, it happened in the nicest part of town. It was very bizarre and almost surreal. If you have more photos or info on the Northside, I'd love to see it!

Message 71 Date received: 6/13/2003 Time: 5:20 pm

Email amt14fan@yahoo.com
Name Bruce Fingerhood
City Springfield, OR


Strangely fascinating site! I was born in St. Louis in the early 50s, and have some memories from my childhood. Have not been back in many years. Your pictures remind me of similar photos I've seen of Europe in the aftermath of WWII. Hard to imagine such desolation in an American city.

Message 70 Date received: 5/26/2003 Time: 8:31 am

Email weil@post.harvard.edu
Name Nicholas Weil
City Saint Louis


God, I can't believe how awesome this site is! I found it on google because I wanted to learn about East St. Louis so I could tour it by car, and now I'm tempted never even to leave my computer.

Message 69 Date received: 5/15/2003 Time: 8:11 pm

Email kenaylor@excite.com
Name ken naylor
City currently...semi-rural eastern North Carolina


Mr Powers, Thanks for your site that is answering some of the lifelong questions that have haunted me for years, and for being the catalyst for a new interest in the city of my birth. As I have mentioned in emails to you, my parents fled the Bevo Mill neighborhood in 1966 for a new life in South Florida. I now feel as if St Louis has been somewhat 'stolen' from me... I have pleasant memories of being a student at the Edward Long School until mid-second grade. It is now a dream of mine to return to St Louis and restore one of the many neglected homes. I have emailed Mayor Slay with the idea of a Special Incentive program to encourage former childhood residents of St Louis to return, reclaim and rehab an old house. Perhaps there are more individuals out there who have had the same experience. It would be great to hear from both You and Mayor Slay in the form of a return email! Respectfully, Ken Naylor

Message 68 Date received: 5/13/2003 Time: 5:09 pm

Name Fred
City Indianapolis, IN


I'm jealous of St. Louis. I grew up in Baltimore, which like St. Louis, has rock solid buildings and a venerable history. Unfortunately my wife's sick mother has brought me to Indianapolis, which is merely a wanna=be real city. When I see these pics I'm reminded of the qualities I miss about living in a truely urban place. I love the fabric that makes St.Louis unique it is really a neat city through and through. Hopefully I can move to StL or some other real city before I go out of my mind in this sorry town.

Message 67 Date received: 5/7/2003 Time: 11:50 pm

Email ddfry3@yahoo.com
Name Daniel Fry
City Champaign, IL


This website is clearly a testament to your passion and dedication to the great history and architecture of this city, the likes of which we'll not see again. It's the same sad story in so many Midwestern industry-based cities - Detroit, and Saginaw, Michigan, my Dad's hometown. I was born in suburban Chicago, and moved to Quincy, IL, which has a substantial historical past and architecture. I remember the excitement of going to Powell Hall 20 years ago to hear the symphony when in junior high, and the thrill of being in St. Louis. Thank you for this testament, and we'll all hope that the future brings good things.

Message 66 Date received: 5/5/2003 Time: 11:42 am

Email owlsnest@htc.net
Name Gail Holzhausen
City Columbia IL.


i love driving thru north St. Louis, Kerry Patch neighborhood as the great grand parents lived there at the turn of the last century. It feels so familiar tom me although we never came into north St.Louis when I was a child. we stayed in south city and north city was like a different city altogether. Thanks for your website. I've been trying to learn about the James Clemens home on 18th and Cass Ave. and stumbled into your web site. I have sent it on to several friends.

Message 65 Date received: 5/1/2003 Time: 6:08 pm

Email dkhaysct@msn.net
Name Kevin Hays
City Gilbert AZ


Just discovered this site. I grew up on the northside in the 50's and 60's and recognize many of the buildings depicted in the site. I will alsways think of "real" houses as being made out of bricks and stone, not plywood and stucco.

Message 64 Date received: 4/22/2003 Time: 2:19 am

Email alcuinx@msn.com
Name Richard Murian
City Phoenix


I have appreciated your photographic essays of my favorite city although I must admit that I was from the one across the river which you have also shown as it is today. In recent visits on both sides of the river; yes, I am not one of those who fears the city of my birth; it has become evident that St. Louis remains vibrant though it has lost much of its historic heritage. East St. Louis, on the other hand, had problems that were well known throughout is history. Nevertheless, I treasure my early days there but it was the trips to see the Cardinals [even the lowly Browns in the Bill Veech days] and Forest Park that remain fixed in my memory now as I am a quiet antiquarian bookseller in Phoenix.

Message 63 Date received: 4/21/2003 Time: 2:20 pm

Email msterlingelders@hotmail.com
Name Matthew Elders
City Carterville, Illinois


Love the site. Can't wait for midtown tour. Going to the Fox on May 15. I have gone to St. Louis and never noticed all the beautiful buildings before. I have only seen the Conteniental Building once from the Interstate but it is very beautiful. You have sparked my love for St. Louis architecture.

Message 62 Date received: 4/19/2003 Time: 10:49 am

Email pault39417@hotmail.com
Name Paul
City Minneapolis


I found your site when trying to get information about old St Louis. The capturing in pictures along with information about the buildings is both inspiring and sad. Hopefully some day more of these buildings will be restored to the beauty they hold.

Message 61 Date received: 4/15/2003 Time: 11:20 pm

Email ctblack@mts.net
Name Craig Black
City Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada


excellent site. Was in St.Louis in 1996 for a convention. I was struck with the buildings and there styles. To see these buildings shine, is a treat to see. I'll be back again.

Message 60 Date received: 4/14/2003 Time: 1:01 am

Email oceans_of_4@yahoo.com
Name Brandon
City St. Louis (Lemay)


Fabulous site! I'm glad that you love the St. Louis style. I am very much looking forward to the Midtown tour. Keep up the good work.

Message 59 Date received: 3/29/2003 Time: 1:17 am

Email jnolta@im.wustl.edu
Name Jan Nolta
City St. Louis


Your North Side tour is fantastic, although heart-breaking in some places. Thank you. It really helps in the quest to find areas for rehab, before more of those beautiful old buldings are lost. Why isn't more done for these areas?? Jan

Message 58 Date received: 3/28/2003 Time: 11:54 am

Name Sarah
City St. Louis


I LOVE this site! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to point out what is happening to our city! I would never be able to drive in some of those areas and see all of the beautiful architecture up north. I had no idea those houses were even there. Yesterday i spent about 2 hours just looking and reading about north county. Again, thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Message 57 Date received: 3/17/2003 Time: 11:55 am

Email shoowaau22001@yahoo.com
Name Albert S. Ammon III
City Arvada CO


This is an awesome website! Great information on historic St Louis-I absolutely enjoyed every thing on here. Excellent job!

Message 56 Date received: 3/12/2003 Time: 4:38 pm

Email kevon2356@yahoo.com
Name marcus
City huntington


hey thanks for the site, i'm from east st.louis i used to live on washington street or ave. but you help me see what i was from i remeber the arch and the river front and the flea martket things like that and i've been home sick so thanks i really needed that i'm out here in west virginia.

Message 55 Date received: 3/7/2003 Time: 7:35 am

Email ParadiseMO@aol.com
Name Doug Schneider
City Valley Park MO


This is a great website, and a great asset to St. Louis. Small correction: the Eagleton Courthouse is 28 stories tall (not 27 as listed in your 'tallest buildings list'). However, visitors to the building should go to the 27th floor because it has public windows facing both east and west for stunning views. The 27th floor also has a tribute rotunda to Harry Blackmun. On the 28th floor, you can only look east.

Message 54 Date received: 2/26/2003 Time: 12:35 am

Email Stlthrt13@excite.com
Name Jenni Nolan
City Edwardsville, IL


Nice site! I am glad to see that the history of historic architecture is being preserved around the St. Louis area.

Message 53 Date received: 2/25/2003 Time: 10:56 pm

Email stlgansta@hotmail.com
Name Tim Peterson
City Orem, Utah


Wow this is an amazing website. I lived on West Florissant and on State in East St. Louis for over a year. The pics really bring back memories.

Message 52 Date received: 2/24/2003 Time: 4:23 pm


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Message 51 Date received: 2/24/2003 Time: 2:59 pm

Name Paul Knittel
City Chesterfield Mssouri


Great site you should do a tour on the southside or the Tower Grove Park area im looking forward to the midtown tour

Message 50 Date received: 2/23/2003 Time: 10:43 pm

Email thalasin@yahoo.com
Name Tracy
City Denver, CO


This is an amazing website. I'm overwhelmed, really--there's so much to explore. Thanks for your passion and persistence in putting it together.

Message 49 Date received: 2/22/2003 Time: 3:27 pm

Name Jeff Vines
City St. Louis City


This website is invaluable to the urban culture of this great city. So few cities have experienced the glorious rise and embarrassing decline that St. Louis has weathered. While many of my friends have moved to cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and the like, I chose to stay because I always believed that Saint Louis is right up there with the best of 'em. No other city touches me and connects with me like STL. I am so encouraged by the amount of rehab and pride that is re-emerging in this tired old river city, and you can bet I'm sticking around to ride the wave. Our greatest asset is our storied past and rich urban architecture that screams "this is a place that matters." We were built to be one of the biggest, one of the best. We can't afford to lose buildings and neighborhoods mindlessly, or else the lines that separate Saint Louis from newer, less distinguished cities become blurred. Thank you for dedicating your time to creating this ongoing documentary! (The remaining buildings in Gaslight Square must be SAVED!)

Message 48 Date received: 2/18/2003 Time: 10:56 pm

Email ottoson@colorado.edu
Name keri
City boulder


Thanks for this website. I have been very interested in East St. Louis since I studied it in my education classes (yes, the Jonothan Kozol book.) I wanted to see some of the city for myself, but this is the next best thing. Thes were the only photos of the city I could find on the web. I was glad to find you!

Message 47 Date received: 2/18/2003 Time: 2:07 pm

Email eliebson@hotmail.com
Name elliot liebson
City st louis


An amazing site, that constantly gets better. I had a notion to put up a site like this, and now I don't have to! (saving me much time and frustration). Although I've been in town 14 years now, I still sometimes feel like and outsider, and it always amazes me that people who live here would disparage the City as they do. I grew up in Chicago, a city that to a large extent treats planning and architecture as religion, and it has NOTHING like the building stock of st. louis. One suggestion: for the north side tour, you might consider adding the O'fallon park neighborhood to your site. This is a neighborhood that is almost fully occupied and fully renovated, yet few people seem to know about. Just a thought; What you have done is amazing so far. (also, you might consider the concrete plant that Bob Cassily wants to turn into a theme park for dinosaurs and old industrial artifacts. It's chock full of asbestos, but moon suits and a breathing mask aren't that hard to come by.) Elliot

Message 46 Date received: 2/18/2003 Time: 1:27 pm

Email rw85stu@semo.edu
Name Allison Egley
City St. Louis (St. Peters, specificly, and Cape Girardeau for college)


Great site. I love all the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to make this site!

Message 45 Date received: 2/13/2003 Time: 4:14 pm

Email unk
Name unk
City San Luis


Do you know that none of the North Side links work?? Please take the time to fix this ...

Message 44 Date received: 2/11/2003 Time: 10:23 am

Url fortunemaker.net/tv/html/54627.html
Email brians14921@yahoo.com
Name Jenna
Country USA


Wow! Nice site.See How I make a living!
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Message 43 Date received: 2/1/2003 Time: 0:22 am

Email jnbo708@bellsouth.net
Name Nedra Bohannon
City Lake Charles, LA 70605


Hi Robert, Enjoyed your sight and it brought back so many memories. I am a native of St. Louis and spent 5+ years during the early and mid 1960's working in the Ambassador Building. I worked for Clarence M. Turley, Inc. and Murphy-Vogt Architects both located in the Ambassador Building. It saddened me to see the destruction of the building and so many others. I went back to St. Louis this past September for a visit, hadn't been there in 9 years. I drove through the downtown area and missed seeing the theaters and department store and the long gone dime stores. I guess I'm showing my age but at least I have my memories of the grand old city in all it's glory. I actually got to your site by browsing for information on the old Lemp Brewery. I have 2 original bentwood chairs engraved in the seat "LEMP". They belonged to my grandmother and since she and her 4 children moved from the country to St. Louis around 1920 maybe she bought them when the brewery was closed. Who knows? Thanks for giving me a wonderful evening looking around St. Louis. I still call it home. One never appreciates their roots until they move.

Message 42 Date received: 1/30/2003 Time: 1:15 pm

Email blueinfinite@hotmail.com
Name Monica Manley
City Saint Louis


WOW!!!!! I have never been more jealous of anyone, than I am of you right now. All my life I have wanted to go inside and explore City Hospital, and YOU did it! I am in love with that building, I was born there in '79, I grew up a mile from it and it has always been this deeply sentimental building for me, full of major mystery and imposing grandness.I always get so down when I pass the demolition site, wishing I had pictures, at least. So when I found your web page today I was over joyed. Thank you so much for all your time and effort you put into this web site. Your are much appreciated in my heart. It is nice to see others appreciate what a truly authentic city we have here.

Message 41 Date received: 1/28/2003 Time: 5:52 pm

Name Stefan Svendsen
City New York City (Queens)


Very few American cities can rival the rich architectural heritage that St. Louis is blessed to have. They certainly don't build cities the way they used to and St. Louis must take pride in its urban and beautiful past. St. Louis is not typical of most Midwestern cities. It's almost like a bastion of eastern influence in America's heartland. Most parts of the city are built much like Brooklyn, with walkable blocks and lovely parks. Don't listen to the naysayers; I'm a native New Yorker and I found your city to be as beautiful, cosmopolitan and cultured as any great city in this country. I can't wait to visit again with my fiance (apr. 2003). Wonderful site.

Message 40 Date received: 1/28/2003 Time: 10:33 am

Email arizonahikergirl@excite.com
Name Peggi Graminski
City Sierra Vista, AZ


Hey Robert! I haven't visited your site in a while, but had the chance to check it out again today. You've done something really wonderful in getting info about St. Louis out here on the Net - I can't thank you enough! I spent most of my childhood on Wellington Avenue in U City and attended Hawthorne Elementary School. Believe me, moving from St. Louis to a small town in Arizona when I was only 10 was a major culture shock - I still remember our beautiful home and backyard there, and appreciated the history & magnificence of St. Louis even as a child. Thanks so much for continually updating your site with new info. I admit it's depressing to see my hometown in such a state of decay, but inspiring to know there are people out there helping to restore many of the buildings and neighborhoods to their former glory.

Message 39 Date received: 1/20/2003 Time: 10:53 pm

Email corypkatyahoo.com
Name Cory Kleinschmidt
City St. Louis


Thanks for the fantastic site about St. Louis' storied architectural and cultural heritage. As a resident for most of my 30 years, I have only recently begun to discover the rich treasures downtown, and I can't believe I didn't start learning sooner! Although, it sounds like the downtown wasn't that great during the '80s. It's heartening to see the area returning to its former glory, especially with the events of 2004 coming around the corner. Keep up the great work, and please continue to update the site for as long as you can!

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Name Karen K
City Atlanta, GA


What a FABULOUS website! I am a STL native and have long considered it one of this country's best kept secrets. I live in Atlanta now and while it has its attractions, there is nothing here that can compare to the architecture and public space of a "real" city like St.Louis. I check out this site whenever I get homesick. Thank you.

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Name C. Rehwaldt
City Nebraska


A great site and a superb tour of East St. Louis! I grew up on 8th street in the 1950s, just a block from the fraternal building noted on the tour. What mixed feelings to see some of the great buildings still standing...and old familiar neighborhoods fallen to the ground. I'll have to return some time and see it all in person.

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Email Gbgriffen@aol.com
Name Gwen Griffen
City Springfield, IL (went to college in St. Louis)


Excellent site. I'm amazed.