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Past and present... future? The magnificent post-Modern One Bell Center, and the endangered Syndicate Trust.

East Coast cities:

Philly Skyline
At last, a proper site dedicated to the buildings and neighborhoods of this complex, immense, sprawling, crumbling, resurgent, pulsing wonderland of a city. The author and his cohorts tackle Philadelphia's manifold architectural wonders with scads of beautiful photographs and essays that snap and sparkle. Needless to say, I absolutely love this site.

Boston's Skyscraper Guy
Focusing on the city's high rises.

Hudson Valley Ruins
Houses and more along the Hudson River in upstate New York.

Lost Brooklyn Trips
Abandoned and demolished buildings, decaying neighborhoods, and empty streets in New York City's Brooklyn borough. Dozens and dozens of stark photographs.

Forgotten New York
Magnificent! Delves deep into the infrastructure and hidden corners of the greatest American city.

New York City
A delightful page of photos from the city, including a fascinating little study of "ghost buildings" -- the imprint left by demolished buildings on their neighbors.

Atlantic City Heritage
Old and new buildings in Atlantic City, NJ. Some very nice photos.

Atlantic City Museum
Official site of the Atlantic City Historical Museum.

Victorian Secrets of Washington, D.C.
A wonderful site exploring the capital's late 19th century architecture, with a focus on the abandoned and endangered.

Southern Cities:

Richmond City Watch
A very slick page with numerous images of the city.

Endangered Durham
An ongoing blog about historic Durham, North Carolina, featuring lots of historic views and comparisons of change over time.

Charlotte Skyscrapers
High rises in North Carolina's largest city.

Winston-Salem's Tallest Buildings
Covers Winston-Salem and Greensburo, NC.

Birmingham Design
Buildings in Alabama's largest city.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
National organization dedicated to saving worthy old buildings.

Midwestern Cities:

Kansas City Skyscrapers
Development, info, and of course, high rises.

Minneapolis/St. Paul sites:

Milwaukee Architecture
A handsome page covering the history and architecture of my new home town, run by an electrical engineering professor.

Indiana Historic Architecture and Preservation
Nice page with lots of images of Indiana's historic architecture.

Detroit sites:

  • The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
    An amazing site with amazing pictures, which inspired the format of my own pages.
  • Forgotten Detroit
    Another site with extremely comprehensive documentation of major abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit. Includes information on the Statler Hotel chain, of which St. Louis's Gateway Hotel was once a part.
  • Historic Detroit
    Lots of pictures of older buildings in downtown Detroit. Nice looking site!
  • Friends of Tiger Stadium
    Site dedicated to the preservation and memory of the city's old stadium.

Cleveland Skyscrapers
Skylines, streetscapes, and buildings of all sizes.

Forgotten Ohio
Industrial and urban ruins, ghost towns, and more.

Buffalo's Faith Elevators
A site about the city's old churches.

Albany Skyline
Photographs of the city's buildings and skyline.

Lost Baton Rouge
Page by the Foundation for Historical Louisiana. Has links to tons of images of old Baton Rouge buildings.

Got links?
Well, if so, I could use 'em. Drop me a line. I'm especially interested in Rust Belt cities, but any city page is welcome.

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