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Elias Haas Building
2223 Locust Street
Architect: Jacob Hirschstein

The Elias Haas Building originally housed a family-owned hat manufacturing company, along with auto sales and service at street level. It was renovated in 2007 as the Locust Street Loft Apartments.

  • Olive and Locust Historic Business District nomination form, including 2223 Locust
  • St. Louis Provident Association Building
    2221 Locust Street
    Architect: J. Lynch, renovated by Preston Bradshaw

    Steeped in the history of social aid in St. Louis, this building first held a charity organization, then was used as the Peoples Hospital from 1944 till 1967, as one of the few hospitals in the city that would accept African-American patients. Two other charities followed; since 1972, the building has been underutilized or vacant.

  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form
  • Donnelly Auto Company Building
    2217 Locust Street

    Utterly spectacular terra cotta outlines the facade. 1960s concrete panel infill mars the design but could be removed with ease to restore the original large windows.

    Hornet Mantel & Tile Company Building
    2206 / 2208 Locust Street

    If the terra cotta designs are less original than those across the street, they are no less spectacular. Like 2217 Locust, this building's originally generous windows have been infilled with concrete panel - still awaiting a renovation to remove them.

    Halsey-Packard Building
    2201 Locust Street
    Architect: John L. Wees

    Originally home to a Packard dealership and show room, part of the lengthy and thriving Automobile Row district along Locust Street, this floridly ornate building remains startling and stunning despite the loss of its cornice. Its second owner, the Berry Auto Company, continued selling Packards from 1925 into the 1950s - a remarkably long run for Automobile Row. Today the show room is an events venue called Lumen, with condominiums above.

  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form
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