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Downtown West is a scattering of buildings centered around Locust Street. Vacant land alternates with massive and ornate buildings, seemingly at random.

This tour runs in a broad sweep from west to east. It covers some buildings which might properly be considered part of the downtown core, or the Washington Loft District.

Approximate tour divisions:

  • Locust Street, Jefferson to 21st - several intact blocks of commercial buildings in a variety of historical styles
  • Olive Street, 23rd to 20th - scattered commercial remnants
  • Washington and Lucas at 20th Street- a cluster of large industrial buildings converted to lofts
  • Locust Street, 20th to 18th - a cluster of 2- and 3-story commercial buildings, plus the gigantic Butler Brothers Building
  • Olive Street, 19th to 14th - a fragmented commercial area
  • Locust Street, 18th to 14th - large landmark buildings, outliers of the garment district
  • North of Washington - scattered survivors and empty land
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