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The Holland Building, demolished in the early 1970s.

Previous Updates, 2001-2010

  • 7/12/15: More lost buildings from downtown:
  • 6/16/15: More updates from downtown's history:
  • 4/16/15: I've been digging deep into downtown St. Louis's lost skyscrapers:
  • 9/16/14: A Mid-Century Modern update I've been salivating over: the Main Shrine building at Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine.
  • Also, on the other end of the Modernist timescale - new & better photos of St. Mark's Episcopal.
  • 6/18/14: Various smalll updates to keep up with the (mostly bad) news of the past year, including the demolition of the Castle Ballroom and Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Also added a page on the Missouri National Guard Armory in Midtown.
  • 3/24/13: A couple of new pages on the Mid-Century Modern section - the Tums Building and the Post-Dispatch Printing Plant.
  • 4/04/12: A sweeping update to the Mid-Century Modern section:
  • 3/11/12: Several new buildings on the Mid-Century Modern tour:

    And many more to come later this spring!

  • 1/22/12: Fresh new scans of old photos - including many never seen on the site before - for a couple of St. Louis classics:
    • City Hospital
    • The Arcade Building
  • 8/07/11: Two massive new tours, covering dozens of buildings and numerous National Register properties and districts:
  • A couple of other related updates: interior photographs of The Rock Church in Midtown, and a mini-tour of the city's surviving Art Deco Police Stations.
  • 6/21/11: Midtown's classic MidCentury Del Taco building is in danger.
  • 6/10/11: Updated pages for schools:
  • 5/21/11: Updates and additions to the College Hill tour, including the lovely convent of the Pink Sisters and the battered W. Florissant Avenue commercial district.
  • 5/09/11: New photos of the Union Electric power plant.
  • 5/03/11: New photos from Baden, including a full tour of Our Lady of the Holy Cross.
  • 4/23/11: Updates from Carondelet, including the South End Masonic Temple, soon to be demolished for a parking lot.
  • 3/31/11: The scrapping of the Admiral has begun.
  • 3/14/11: JeffVanderLou's Central High School has been seriously damaged in recent months. Completely updated page with a history of the building, rescanned old photos, and fresh new photos.
  • 2/10/11: New north side tour: O'Fallon and Fairgrounds
  • 1/31/11: a new south side neighborhood tour: Carondelet.
  • 1/24/11: what was once a short rant about the downtown riverfront is now a complete tour of the Mississippi riverfront.
  • 1/20/11: reformatted and updated the Midtown tour. Lots of new and bigger pics!
  • 1/15/11: More Industrial City sites:
  • Plus a general reworking some existing material into a semi-new Eastern Edge tour of the northern riverfront.
  • 1/04/11: The Industrial City revised, with updates to Armour Meat Packing (including interior photos), the newly-reopened McKinley Bridge, the Venice Power Plant, and some spiffy above-ground shots of Crunden-Martin. 1/02/11: A general facelift for much of the site, with a new navigation trail at the top of most pages.
  • Updated the Ittner/Milligan schools tour:
  • 5/22/10: A new North Side map and a new neighborhood tour, through the Baden area.
  • 5/05/10: A complete update of the Syndicate Trust pages, with photographs of the building before, during and after renovation.
  • 2/25/10: A specialized north side tour: The Forgotten Houses of North Broadway.