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The building officially re-opened in 2008. Today the Syndicate Trust houses high-end downtown apartments and condominiums. Indoor parking is provided both within the building itself (the basement and first two floors were converted to parking), as well as in the garage that replaced the Century Building.

April 2010 - Garage entrances on the northern street facade

April 2010 - Restored entryway on the northern side. A similar entry greets tenants on the south side. Note the columns visible behind glass. For years the second-story windows had been blacked out, removing the columns from sight and leaving a madly inappropriate continuous ribbon window at the second story, which was completely unable to bear the visual weight of the building's twelve stories. The clear glass restores this long-missing element from the building's architectural composition.

April 2010 - Residential tenant lobby.

April 2010 - Model residential unit on the 9th floor.

April 2010 - a taste of the view from that unit.

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