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St. Louis State Hospital
The St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center moved out in 1997. Various mental health-related offices of the state and of University of Missouri now occupy the site, and presumbably are the reason for the drastic renovations.

Even the best restorations, though, seem to come with some price. In this case, it was the 1912 west wing building, which harmonized nicely with the main structure, and was old enough to have accrued historic value of its own (it was the original home of the Malcolm Bliss Hospital.) The east wing had already been demolished in 1988, a victim of the hospital's downsizing during the Reagan years; the west wing was destroyed along with the more recent buildings... a regrettable loss in the midst of an otherwise admirable project. It can at least be noted that the demolition returns the main building to its original symetrical design.

A new YMCA building has been constructed on the site of the west wing building and opened in 2001. One of the west wing's four cupolas (seen in red in the bottom photograph) now resides at the City Museum.

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