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December 2002: The setting sun falls on St. Liborius.

January 2003: the church as seen from Florrissant. The houses in the foreground were demolished later that year.

Summer 2001: Two abandoned houses on Florrissant, north of North Market. Both were demolished in 2002.

May 2003: A lone surviving house on North Market Street, just west of Florrissant.

May 2003: Like an alien pod fleet newly landed, this block of Benton Street has been redeveloped with suburban houses that completely disregard their historic context. Though any development may seem a welcome sight, in the long term this type of low-density, architecturally bland house construction may do more damage to the neighborhood than good.

May 2003: An abandoned and decaying alley house near Montgomery Street. It stood next to a new and thorougly suburban bank building, surrounded by a parking lot -- a bizarre juxtoposition. It has since been demolished, circa 2005.

March 2003: A sampling of the obliterated streetscape of W. Florrisant Avenue, the primary arterial road through the neighborhood. Its vast width, almost uncrossable on foot, separates St. Louis Place from the Old North neighborhood. Suburban-styled development has destroyed any sense of urbanity along its corridor.

March 2003: A Montgomery Street townhouse with an alarming tilt. It has since become a Blairmont property.

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