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January 2003: The old James Clemens House, at Cass and 18th Street, was as recently as 2001 surrounded only by trees and vacant lots. However, suburban-style ranch houses and small apartment buildings have suddenly sprung up around it.

January 2003: 18th Street now bears more resemblance to a tract house suburb than the urban street it once was. Two vintage survivors testify to where the street wall used to be. The new housing does little to create a sense of place on the street.

January 2003: A delightfully tiny house on the 1800 block of Madison. St. Liborious stands in the background.

May 2003: The house has been purchased and is undergoing a complete renovation. The rear portion, which if I recall correctly was well over 150 years old, was deteriorated to the point that it had to be replaced.

December 2002: 19th Street, north of Mullanphy. The backs of houses on the next block are exposed by the wide expanses of vacant land.

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