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January 1999: North side of 1500 Palm, just north of the previous page.

Summer 2001: The same block. The third house from left in the top photo is now rubble. The roof on the second house is beginning to deteriorate.

September 2006: The pair still stand and, considering the length of their abandonment, are remarkably unchanged in the intervening five years.

Summer 2001: At 1501 Palm is a representative of another unique St. Louis house style, one I refer to as the micro-mansion. The elaborate mansard roof plays down the fact that this house is two stories rather than one. The larger house next door at 1503 was demolished in late 2003.

September 2006: 1501 was almost demolished; indeed, wrecking was underway but was halted.

More info and photos on this unique house at Ecology of Absence.

Summer 2001: More abandoned houses on the south side of the street.

September 2006: The corner house is still vacant and boarded. Its neighbor is long gone.

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