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December 2002: looking north at the 3200 block of 19th Street, another spot of heavy abandonment and deterioration, as seen from Hebert.

January 1999: This house, since demolished, stood near the center of the top photo.

3240 North 19th Street: At left, December 1999; at right, December 2002. The house has been abandoned and boarded up, has lost several windows, and has a collapsing rear addition -- daylight shines through the side windows. Incredibly, it has survived all the way into 2008.

January 1999: Across the street, a row of houses destroyed by fire.

September 2006: the small survivor from the previous photo is visible at left in this view of 3200 N. 19th Street. The house, along with an almost-invisible back-of-the-lot house, has since been purchased and is presently undergoing renovation.

The twin spires of Holy Trinity Catholic Church loom impressively in the distance.

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