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The International Fur Exchange
The Drury Development Corp. was reportedly searching for the various bits of the Fur Exchange's ornament that had been removed; ultimately, however, recovery of all the detailing removed in the aborted demolition was not possible. In such cases, alternatives had to be found.

For example, the damaged building sign on the north facade was taken down completely and replaced with the hotel's logo -- a artful solution to both the problem of the damage and the need for advertising. The original banner on the building's front facade remains intact.

The ornate railings of the false balconies are gone, and the holes left in their wake have been patched with concrete.

Terra cotta lion heads that were removed remain on display at the City Museum, as seen below. Why they were not restored to the building is unknown... but given what happen, can you blame them?

But despite the damage, this is ultimately a triumph for preservation and urbanism in the city. To see a building snatched from the wrecking ball is encouragement for other future fights.

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