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James Clemens House
The 1887 addition, as mention, is not particularly distinguished. Its most notable exterior feature is this intriguing spiral fire stair. It is in good shape, however, and with its considerable floor space it could still be put to good use.

Given the age and associations of the property, its tremendous historic value is obvious. It has been on the Landmarks Associations 11 Most Endangered list for several years; the building is on the verge of suffering irreversible damage at the hands of water and gravity.

However, it's not a lost cause. Both the house and rear addition are structurally sound. Brand new housing has risen right across the street; with the neighborhood making a fresh start, a creative developer could turn the estate into apartments or condominiums. The chapel, if it can be saved, would require more imaginative uses; I don't know the area's zoning, but a small- to medium-sized office would be lucky to set up shop in such lovely quarters.

Update, February 2007: The Clemens mansion has been purchased by the shell speculation corporation Blairmont Associates, LC. The buildings continue to deteriorate, as do all of Blairmont's numerous and ever-growing properties.

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