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2001 - Abandoned

2002 - Demolition of the tower

2003 - standing alone

2005 - renovation underway

November 2006: the completed renovation.

St. Louis City Hospital: Main Building
The central building faces south along Lafayette Avenue, and is the most architecturally significant portion of the complex. Its symetrical facade brings order and formality to the otherwise scattered compound behind it. Completed in 1912 to the designs of Albert Groves, it has also suffered the most visible vandalism in the years of abandonment, with the copper sheathing of its cupolas and dormers stripped away by thieves. The front steps were also removed when demolition seemed imminent, and are now an integral part of the City Museum.

The Main Building is the first to be renovated; its conversion to condominiums was completed in 2006. The development is known as The Georgian. The cupolas have been replaced, though not with the copper cladding that the building originally featured.

Galleries - Main Building

Abandonment - 1997

Demolition & Renovation - 2002-05

Completion! November 2006

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