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Mercantile Trust
Locust at 8th Street
Built: 1904 with later additions
Architect: Isaac Taylor

The old Mercantile Trust Building is a stalwart Classicist building, a staid Beaux Arts composition that's had a myriad of additions and alterations over the years. Issac Taylor's modest original design lost its beautiful mansard roof many years ago; the building gained a full extra story, and additional bays on both ends. In the 1960s, yet another story was added in a mid-century Modernist idiom. 1990s alterations include a stainless steel canopy over the entrance, and the infamous recladding of the building's party wall with new brick and terra cotta panels removed from the demolished Ambassador Building which stood next door.

Still in use by Mercantile Bank's successor Firstar.

  • Locust Street, East from Eighth Street - photograph showing the building as built, 1905. From the Missouri History Museum collections
  • Locator Map

    Rendering of the building design - published in The American Architect, July 20, 1901. Notice the original roof design and the much smaller footprint of the building.