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Corpus Christi Catholic Church
8449 Jennings Station Road, Jennings - north County

The exterior is somewhat awkwardly realized, but the sanctuary provides a worthy payoff. Among soaring wood beams, two high panels of stained glass in shades of blue glower down like the eyes of Heaven.

Corpus Christi one of 10 north County parishes closed in the summer of 2005, and stood empty for two years afterward. The roof suffered some shingle damage, possibly in one of the severe storms that hit the city in the summer of 2006. It is the very beginning of a slippery slope; roof damage is the root of most other damage. A minor repair now could save thousands of dollars later, or indeed the very life of the building.

In early 2007, the Archdiocese reported that Corpus Christi had been sold to Alexian Brothers, who intended to use the facilities as an elderly care center.

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