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...and after.

Carpenter Place / Clarkson Place
In 2001, construction crews cleared out the last house on this former block in preparation for large-scale construction. An entire block of Delmar Avenue was demolished, and the street itself obliterated. Two other dead-end streets on the north end of the development, Carpenter Place and Clarkson Place, were also destroyed. The two streets had been established as private subdivisions in 1876, meant to echo nearby Vandeventer Place -- itself the pinacle of Victorian elegance in St. Louis.

The last house was gone as of January 2002.

The new Cardinal Ritter College Prep school (seen at bottom) has since risen on the cleared blocks, which were wiped away so completely as to include removal of the streets themselves. The campus, like so much new development, is monolithic in nature, and largely sealed off from the "dangers" of the city; however, it does form an admirable termination of the street it cuts off, and combines a handsome group of strongly articulated forms into a pleasing architectural composition.

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