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Photograph courtesy of Toby Weiss.

Photograph courtesy of Toby Weiss.

Photograph courtesy of Toby Weiss.

901 Washington Avenue

Banker's Lofts
Originally: The Mallinckrodt Building
Later: Bank of St. Louis
Architect: Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge, 1892

The Mallinckrodt Building was originally a dry goods warehouse; in 1940, it was converted to banking use. After operating as the Bank of St. Louis since 1951, it stood vacant through the 1990s. Despite early efforts to renovate it, the Mallinckrodt Building was one of the last vacant buildings on Washington to be renovated, even as the the hotel and convention center revival bustling around it.

In 2003 it began renovation, and is now re-opened as the Banker's Lofts.

Web site: Bankers Lofts.