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November 2008

March 2001

The alley-side street facade, burnt out after a fire gutted the space that housed the Fallout dance club in the 1990s. A demonstration condo unit has been installed on the 4th floor.

March 2001: "Pre-selling 18 luxury loft condos. Construction beginingMay 2000". The building's renovation wouldn't go forward for several more years.

December 2007 - Neon sign for Flannery's pub

1324 Washington Avenue

Grace Lofts
Originally: Lesan-Gould Building
Architect: Mauran, Russell & Garden, 1907

The Lesan-Gould Building features a very visibly exposed concrete structure on its broad faces, with Craftsman decorative elements on the street and alley faces. Its construction was fireproof, reflecting its original role as home to an advertising and printing company.

Largely vacant since the early 1990s, its last tenant for a decade or so was a dance club. After years of exposure and deterioration, it was converted into loft condominums, and now known as Grace Lofts.


  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form (PDF file)
  • Grace Lofts web site