Rob's Pile of Transformers: N I G H T B E A T

In the spring of 1996, I finally got what I'd been after for a year or more: the toy version of Nightbeat. I'd seen the pictures before, but, still, I was pretty let down by it. It's big and chunky, and comes in pre-schoolish colors. It can only move its arms at the shoulders, and its legs are fused together and bend only at the knees. At length, I decided the situation was unacceptable.

I bought an extra Beast Wars Iguanis, and chopped him up with a hack saw to get the joints from his upper legs, shoulders, and elbows. Nightbeat was then carefully taken apart and selectively cut at the elbows and upper legs. Using epoxy resin, I fastened Iggy's joints into the cut spaces on Nightbeat. I also cut apart Nightbeat's feet so they could move seperately. The knee joints still worked, even cut apart, so no modification was necessary. I removed the Headmaster figure from the faceplate, filled the helmet with epoxy, and stuck Iggy's head into it, with only the ball joint left exposed. The corresponding joint from Iguanis fit neatly into the space left after Nightbeat's tec spec meter was removed.

A filler-putty eyeband and a couple of coats of paint finished the job. It's still not the best Transformer in the world, but I feel it does justice to my favorite character.

Yes, he does still transform! His head detaches and fits neatly into the driver compartment. He doesn't "hang together" as well as he used to; the fenders sag from the elbow joints, and the feet have a tendency to pop out of place. But he still looks like a car.

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