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The Big Shutdown

Bryan ( kindly mailed me a copy of part one of "The Big Shutdown", a UK comic story featuring Nightbeat, for which I am most grateful. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Urac 'Ratbat' Sigma mailed me scans of the issue -- in full color! And last but not least, Trixter sent me scans of scans of the second part of the story.

"The Big Shutdown" is from TF UK #230-231, August 1989. The story is only five pages per issue; apparently the UK comics at this time were running new stories side-by-side with new US stories or reruns of older UK stories. Action Force (the UK version of GI Joe) also had some of the book's pages.

#230, Cover || Page 1 || Page 2 || Page 3 || Page 4 || Page 5
#231, Cover || #231, Intro page || Page 1 || Page 2 || Page 3 || Page 4 || Page 5

[FYI, the original line is one of many famous ones delivered by Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca", and goes something like, "Of all the girls in all the gin joints in all the world... she hadda walk into mine."]

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