Rob's Pile of Transformers: N I G H T B E A T

Nightbeat in the Transformers comic series

Issue 62
The Autobots are searching for their lost Creation Matrix, and Nightbeat -- along with his Headmaster buddies Siren and Hosehead -- has been assigned to a seedy, run-down, Vegas-style planet named Pz-zazz. They accidentally become involved in the planet's gang wars when Siren comes into possession of a bird statuette, which several rival gangs are after. The Autobots put the bird aside, but Nightbeat is bothered -- he realizes that something is amiss on the once-prosperous planet. With the help of one of the world's inhabitants, they discover a one-time healing font that has lost its power. Nightbeat realizes that the much-coveted bird is the source of the healing power, and returns it to its niche -- thus restoring Pz-zazz to its old self. Unfortunately, as the miraculous healing sweeps across the planet, the three Autobots are blasted from behind and knocked out by Thunderwing's Decepticons, who have been following them all the while.

The cover, one of the series' most clever, is worth mentioning -- it features a picture of an old-style 10-cent detective comic book, with Nightbeat and co. on the cover, wearing brim hats and trenchcoats.

It is not mentioned where Nightbeat and company originate from. They are supposedly Headmasters; this was never mentioned in the US comics, although a UK Marvel plot made use of it. This would mean they came to Earth from Nebulos with Fortress Maximus's band, in issue 38. However, none of the other Autobots from that group ever modified their vehicle forms; Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead all have Earth-based transformations. That and the fact that we never saw them among the crowds of Autobots for over 20 issues would indicate they came from Cybertron, as one of the teams Emirate Xaaron dispatched to hunt for the Matrix.

Issue #63 Captured by Thunderwing, Nightbeat and co. are hooked up to a braintap device, called a mind leach. Unconciously, Nightbeat reveals a great deal about the Autobots' quest for the Matrix.

Issue #64 Thunderwing, nearly blinded by his obession with finding the Matrix, punches Ruckus when he suggests that things are getting a bit ridiculous. Ruckus crashes into some machinery, damaging it...

Issue #65 ...and we see that the machinery is plugged into the mind leach which is holding the Autobots captive.

Issue #66
Thunderwing boards the Ark with the Matrix and proceeds to decimate the Autobots. Nightbeat pokes his head out of the Autobot shuttle that Thunderwing arrived in, and we learn that he and the other 'bots were set free when the machinery was damaged. They snuck aboard the shuttle to hitch a ride and, in Nightbeat's words, "see if we can't throw a spanner in the works". Nightbeat comes up with a plan. Right as Thunderwing is about to crush Prime, Nightbeat harpoons him with a grappling hook from the shuttle. Hosehead opens the shuttle bay doors and switches off the Ark's artificial gravity; the shuttle is sucked into space, and drags Thunderwing with it. There it self-destructs, ending the threat. Siren grabs Nightbeat, who was very nearly pulled out along with the shuttle, and hauls him to safety.

Issue 69
Aboard the Ark, Nightbeat has been investigating the "death" of Ratchet several issues before. Since no trace of him was found in the wreckage of Megatron's base, and he was not blown through the adjacent trans-time dimensional portal, Nightbeat concludes that he might be trapped in un-space, the nether-universe that the portal crosses while open. He sends a probe into un-space to search for Ratchet, all the while explaining it all faster than even Optimus Prime can follow. At the end of the issue, the probe finds Ratchet -- fused by the explosion with Megatron.

Issue 70
The Autobots are stunned by the hideous combination of Ratchet and Megatron. While they are trying to figure out what to do about it, the creature tackles Kup, Waverider, and Nightbeat, leaving Nightbeat unconscious.

Issue 72
Nightbeat emerges from the ruins of the Decepticon base in New Jersey with the other Autobots. He and Prime head to Manhattan to try and contain an on-going battle between Scorponok and Shockwave. Nightbeat drives right up to Scorponok, sticks a gun in his face, and tells him to hold it right there.

Issue 73
The Neo-Knights, a band of superhumans, arrive on the scene and attack Scorponok. The Autobots intervene, trying to save their alliance with Scorponok, but Shockwave blasts Circuit Breaker from behind. She turns around to find Nightbeat waving his gun around. The next time we see him he's lying unconcious. At the end of the issue, all the Transformers are transported back to Cybertron. Nightbeat, still unconscious, is touching the Neo Knights' helicopter, and they are teleported as well.

Issue 74 We see Nightbeat among a big crowd of Transformers in the issue's two-page opening splash.

Issue 75
As the battle against Unicron rages, Nightbeat leaps on a hoversled to join in. After Unicron is destroyed we see that he has survived the battle.

Issue 79 As the Autobots are on the way to Klo, Nightbeat tells an anxious Prowl to "cool it".

G2 Issue #10
Nightbeat is seen working at a computer console in Autobase on Earth. When the Cybertronians attack, he is sent flying across the room as the console explodes.

G2 Issue #12
Nightbeat is among the group of Autobots and Decepticons preparing to fight off the Swarm on Earth. He mans a gun battery and blasts away at it, but as the Swarm breaks through and starts to consume him and Dirge, they decide to self-destruct. A crummy looking, Manny Galen-drawn explosion is the last we see of our hero... in the official canon, at least...

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