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Luuuv dem Monsterbots!!
Spring 1995

After spending a half hour study break playing with my Monsterbots I just gotta rant a little bit...

Normally Grotesque and Doublecross sit high on a shelf in my dorm room, in creature mode, all gargoyle-like... hopefully Hun-grrr will be joining them soon!

The monsterbots are just some of my all-time favorite toys. The creature modes are very posable (and very cool)... they're a good size... Repugnus is also fairly posable as a robot. G and Dc are a little stiff but still pretty neat. It does bother me that Dc doesn't have real hands, just the mouths of his creature heads. But the best thing is those nifty little spark shooters!! A gimmick, sure, but a fun one!

Another disapointment with Doublecross is that the sparks come out of his chest, instead of his two heads --- think how cool it would have been if he'd been made that way! Each Monsterbot also has a little part that moves when the spark button is pushed. On Grotesque it's the tiger-mode's lower jaw; Repugnus, the "pincers" on either side of his mouth; Doublecross, some scale-like things on his chest.

To make Doublecross look like even more of a mean mother in dragon mode, bend him down so his chest is parallel to the ground, instead of standing him upright (bend the creature legs so that they form a 90 degree angle.) The heads go straight out. 'Looks like he's about to kill something he's hunted down.

*** RANT MODE OFF *** :)

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