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  Manic Ramblings and Delerious Ranting
re: Micromaster Slaughter!
Posted 11/13/96

 Heh heh!  Got your attention with that one, didn't I! 

 My Beast warriors had happily occupied the bottom Transformer shelf for 
a few weeks.  But, as happens, they eventually got jealous of the 
Micromaster Autobots who, with Metroplex as their base, held the top 
shelf.  So they did what any good meglomaniac should do, and invaded.

 It was a slaughter!  Snapper, Terrorsaur, Iguanis, and Megatron made 
quick work of nearly a dozen Micromasters.  Megatron was last seen 
chowing down on Big Shot, with Powertrain and Sunrunner held in his 
claws, waiting to be devoured, while he ground Tote under his heel.  
Iguanis has tackled Roadhandler and is taking a big bite from his arm.  
Snapper has two MMs under his front claws, and the head of a third in his 
jaws.  Terrorsaur snatched that white-and-red Tailwind recolor right out 
of the air and brought him down to earth to dine on.  

 Only Flak, Mudslinger, and that blue Race Car patrol guy have survived 
to this point.  I suspect Flak might make it, being that he is the 
companion of the ultra-cool Sidetrack, and Mudslinger as well, since he 
is the first MM I ever owned.  The blue guy, though, I dunno.  He  might 
be in trouble, unless I can remember his name pretty soon.

 Just a bit of silliness, from the more warped side of my mind...

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