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Manic Ramblings and Delerious Ranting
re: Magnaboss, Silverbolt, Quickstrike

Just got these guys tonight; as I write I'm still working Magnaboss's parts out of the package. Finally lost patience with those damn twisty-ties and cut 'em with scissors -- and even that didn't get all of 'em. Now listening to Celtic music and figuring them out...

SILVERBOLT is pretty cool from above -- he has a massive wingspan... something white fell off his wing when I touched it... but he has a lot of 'mechanical' parts showing in beast mode. All three of these guys looked better in the package than they do out of it -- HasKen placed them in the package at just the right angles to show off their good sides. Those huge, thick wings conceal missile launchers. Transform almost seems too simple... I wonder if I missed something. Strange face, all white except for two narrow black eyes. Looks like some kind of ninja, Storm Shadow from GI Joe or some such. He is a SEVERE case of "animal on my back" syndrome; I'm not sure if there's any way to make him stand without falling over backwards from those huge wings falling off his back. He sports the same kind of shoulder cannons that Terrorsaur and Airazor have on the show.

PROWL: Hee hee... when you transform him, it turns out he's bald! The lion mane pulls back, leaving only the little round lion head. His robot head looks like a cross b/w Op Prime and Cheetor, and his robot body shows a fair bit of Cheetor influence. The lion mane winds up behind him, and there's several different positions you can place it in. The smallest of the three, but the best IMO.

IRONHIDE is impressively massive. I like that his elephant ears move... nice touch. The tusks also move, which is a bit odd, but also makes for intersting possiblities in the ramming department. Oh, gods, is that his face?? Looks like something out of 'Aliens'. The way his robot feet unfold from the elephant legs is very elegant -- pull one piece down, it pulls a second into place, the second pulls a third. What a mess... parts goin' everywhere. Another 'splitting waist' of the kind first seen on Inferno and later reproduced on Silverbolt (Fuzor) and Venom -- oops, I mean Cicadacon. Okay, I'm definately missing something... His legs are hinged right behind his head. Confusion! Okay, time to cheat and look at the box... Ah, those are his ARMS, not his legs... the elegant feet mechanisms must be for Magnaboss. Yeesh, he is an UGLY sucker. Split his legs apart at the waist in robot mode and he bears an odd resemblance to that dumb-looking guard droid thing that Op Prime fought in issue 60 of the US comics.

MAGNABOSS: Okay. I am well and truly stumped. I admit it. Even after carefully studying the box photos I can't figure out how Silverbolt and Prowl go. Ugg. Fifteen minutes of struggling and I've finally got them interconnected. Now to get them onto Ironhide... the pegs on Silverbolt don't fit into the holes on Ironhide; maybe I've made a mistake. Alright, now I'm REALLY cheating -- I'm using the instructions. I can barely remember the last time I had to use the instructions. Normally when I'm opening a Transformer I check the instructions at the end, after I think I've figured everything out, to make sure I didn't miss any hidden gimmicks or details. Occasionally I look to see if I've got some minor thing placed correctly. But right now, I have no clue where Prowl and Silverbolt's robot limbs should be, which is the biggest thing I've had to check on in ages. Okay, I had Silverbolt correct. Prowl's legs were right but his robot arms end up hidden inside the lion mane. Hmm, no wonder I didn't get it -- it's hard to snap the mane halves together with the arms in correct position. And I completely missed the way the eagle head secures to the top of the lion mane, a pair of slots sliding over a pair of pegs. The Silverbolt-Ironhide connection is not working well; the posts and slots don't line up quite right -- probably the reason I had such a hard time figuring it out.

Finally, got him together. Pretty cool. He carries a friggin' huge sword made of various weapons and animal parts. Silverbolt's wings point straight ahead, meaning Magnaboss can shoot missiles out of his chest. He looks rather Voltron-esque, actually. Decent, but with his gimpy arms, elephant parts hanging off everywhere, his frozen head, and pre-schoolish colors, I lay odds on Tripredacus in a fight.

SILVERBOLT (Fuzor): AWESOME in wolf mode. Even the packagers recognized this and put him in a cool pose on his bubble. The coloration of his wings, grey fading into bronze and then black, is really beautiful. His rear wolf legs swing forwards via a nice hinge mechanism to become his robot arms, while those wicked-looking front eagle claws become his robot feet. Looking at this guy in beast mode lets you understand how the toymakers thought that Fuzors were a good idea. I wonder what he does with his legs when he flies on the show? (I haven't seen any BW episodes since before "Before the Storm".) Robot mode is a bit long in the torso, and the wings look awkward standing straight up from his shoulders. But as a beast he looks terrific standing on top of my computer monitor.

QUICKSTRIKE: He's WAY cool! A great color scheme, a nice looking beast mode, a passably complex transformation, and that friggin' awesome cobra head. With SEVEN ball joints in the cobra head/scorpion tail/right arm, it's not just flexible; it's sculpture! Wonderful use of translucent orange plastic in the chest and claws/legs. Someone already mentioned that he's a Buttmaster -- his scorpion head ends up on his hiney in robot mode. Wow, the bio card actually bears a slight resemblance to his portrayal on the show -- he's "downright mean" and shoots "venom that instantly paralyzes his victims". Not perfect, but at least it's in the ballpark.

RP, releasing slowly till head is full of water...

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