Rob's Pile of Transformers: Manic Rambings

Manic Ramblings and Delirious Ranting
re: BW Megatron

  Beast Wars Megatron.  Damn, this is a *great* toy. 

  I reached this conclusion while playing with him the other night.  The
engineering on this Transformer is simply superb.  You can hardly move an
inch in any direction on him, without encountering a moving part.  The
transform is beautifully complicated; I've had the guy for a month and
just now am I really getting it down.  And the gimmicks!  Hoo boy!  The
missile launchers are pretty nifty.  Neither the water sprayer (actually,
it's more of a mister) nor the pincer claw are all that great on their
own, but worked into this elaborate figure and together with the
launchers, there're a bit of icing on the cake.  Added to all this is
detail -- the molded T-rex skin is wonderfully complex; the jaws and teeth
and claws are fearsomely *big*.  The range of motion for the robot mode is
almost unparralled; there are a tremendous variety of potential poses. 

   It's not a *perfect* toy; it does have a few minor faults: a limited 
range of movement on the T-rex arms, that annoying mutant heat that 
gets in the way, and the silly scowl on the robot face (which I've 
actually started to kind of like, though it doesn't quite fit the 
character of BW Megs as we've seen on the show).  I also wish he had at 
least one normal-looking fist.  But these are relatively minor complaints.

   If you don't have this figure, go out and get it.  It is well worth 
your $20. 

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