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re: Nemesis, Part One
It's 10:30 pm at the end of a long, hard day.  I didn't get out of work till 7
pm; I went straight to my CAD class, arriving 1 1/2 hours late but still
completing the final exam in time as well as finishing my final project and
showing all my drawings to the instructor, thank you very much; then I
went grocery shopping on top of all that.  I just got home; I'm tired,
hungry, and just plain worn out.  What am I gonna do about it? (Aside
from eating dinner and eventually going to bed?)
I'm gonna write a review!!
Trust me, folks, however negative I may be at times, this IS a labor of
"Nemesis" Part 1 SPOILERS AHEAD!
I'm warnin' you!
Oh, look at that!  I warned you!  I warned you, but nooooo, you had to
know it all, didn't ya.  'Oh, it's just a harmless little spoiler,' you said...
"Nemesis" Part One opens with crashes of lightening outside the Ark's
volcano; within, Tigerhawk is floating above the lava flows and waving his
arms about karate-like, emitting trails of glowing sparkles and other
pixie-dust things.  Optimus narrates, reading from a book: "And a mighty
warrior came down from the sky.  And a rainbow was upon his head. 
And his feet as pillars of fire [cue a close-up of Tigerhawk's foot
thrusters.] And the great dragon was cast out unto the Earth.  And his
followers were cast out with him."  Rattrap interrupts, asking what we're
all wondering at this point: "What in the seven spiral galaxies are you
jabberin' about?!"  "The Covenent of Primus," Rhinox answers.  "Only two
exist.  One was aboard the Ark."  "Oh please.  Sure.  Okay. 
Dragonbreath lost his base.  And we added Thunderbutt there to the
team.  But you don't gotta claim it's ordained," Rattrap says, waving the
"book" (which has something that looks like an ordinary audiocassette
embedded in it) around.  "This is our last opportunity to end the Beast
Wars... and Megatron's evil," Rhinox answers.  "All we have to do is find
them," Op comments. 
To that end, Silverbolt and DC are flying patrol (so THAT'S where they
were last episode! :]; they pass right over the concealed Preds.
Quickstrike really wants to shoot one of the Maximals, but he's
dissuaded by a backhand from Megs, who points out that they "are at
the moment at a tactical disadvange."  "And whose fault is that?!"
Rampage shouts, shaking Megs by the shoulders.  "You led us to
defeat!"  A Spark-squeeze from Dinobot quickly puts Rampage down,
though.  "Defeat?  Not yet.  For I suspect that Tarantulas may have left a
legacy I could yet utilize." "Against Tigerhawk?  Hah!" Rampage
answers, still defiant.  Inferno steps out from behind a subspace tree
(which conceals him even though he's about 10 times wider than it is)
and declares that what they need is a new colony -- "and I shall find it!" 
Waspy pops out from the same tree. "Huh.  Ant-bot not find own thorax
with two hands and a road map."  But Megs agrees with Inferno, and
sends him, QS, and Waspy to see what they can find in the way of a
new base (Waspy complaining that he senses major damage coming
on.)  The others search the wreckage of Tarantulas's lair... and find a
hidden man-hole, which prompts Megatron to say something most
intriguing: "Ah, yes.  Incipient treachery from Unicron's spawn may yet
turn the tide."
DC spots the Preds, radios Primal, then immediately heads in, despite
Op's orders to wait.  "Transform and finish it, bots -- the moment is now,"
Optimus says, and the Maxies head out from the Ark. The Preds,
meanwhile, reach the bottom of the manhole and enter a huge, watery
cavern with lights, consoles, and a big metal box that Megatron identifies
as a submersible.  He and Dinobot board it, and some fancy machinery
launches it (man, where'd Big T get the time, manpower, and materials to
build all THIS stuff?!); it slides into the water on a track with Rampage
skidding along in tank mode behind it.
Above, DC finds the manhole cover; he yanks it open (despite Optimus's
protest) to reveal several lit charges.  "Aw, slag," DC moans, before they
blow up in his face.  We return after a commercial to see The Butterfly
(or a relative) floating along, only to get nearly knocked out of the sky by
Tigerhawk, Cheetor, and BA's supersonic arrival.  They find Op and DC
okay... but Silverbolt battered to scrap by the blast.  "Worry not, my
love... it's just [and here his arm falls off] a scratch," Silverbolt moans to
BA.  Op thinks he needs CR chamber time; SB says he'll be fine. "Shut
up and obey your commander, bone brain," BA tells him.  SB's head
chooses that moment to fall off.  "Yes, dear," he says, chagrinned.
Cheetor escorts SB and BA back to base, as the others get to work
digging into the manhole.
Inferno, meanwhile, has hit upon the bright idea of moving into a complex
of cliff-side caverns where a tribe of protohumans live.  "Ew!  I don't
wanna move in there!  'Got all them hairy critters in it!" QS objects, but
then he perks up.  "Unless -- unless you mean, we's gonna slag 'em! 
Oh! Oh please tell me that's what yer plannin'!"  Inferno confirms this; QS
is overjoyed.  "How about you, bug boy?  You ready to rip?"  Waspinator,
sitting glumly on a log, stares for a moment, then answers: "No."  
"WHAT?!" QS says, as Inferno facepalms.  "But the Royalty commands
it!" "I said NO!" Waspinator exclaims.  Jumping to his feet, he launches
into the speech of his life, the one he's been building up to for the entire
series.  "Dragonbot command YOU, Subcommander Kissbutt! 
Dragonbot not command Waspinator!  Not anymore!  Waspinator sick of
being evil!  Sick of being Predacon!  [here he rips off his insignia, which
comes off like it's printed on paper, and proceeds to wave his arms in the
air madly] Waspinator especially sick of being blown to scrap all the
time!!  Soooo, Waspinator QUIT!"  He turns around, and we get an
extreme close-up of his thorax as he continues: "As of _now_, which
means Antbot and Two-head can just pucker their mandibles, and plant
big wet juicy one right on Waspinator's big, fat, stripey --" 
QS and Inferno have heard enough, unfortunately, and blast Waspy to
bits. His head lands on a rock next to a watching protohuman girl (is it
Oona?) as the other two Preds attack the tribe.  The protohumans
sound a very organized alarm, grab spears, and counterattack.  "Dang! 
Them little fleapickers're tougher than they used to be!" QS notes as a
spear sticks in him, and a second later they're barraged with about a
thousand more. Meanwhile Waspy's head has managed to right itself
(using a long yellow tounge!), and he comments once again that
"Waspinator has plans!"  Oona starts bashing him with a club just then. 
"Fleshiebot listen to Waspinator!" he exclaims in desperation.
The Maximals, meanwhile, have reached the cavern and find the Preds
gone. "Fleeing our approach?" Tigerhawk wonders.  "Not if I know
Megatron.  He's after something," Op says, pulling up a computer
screen, which shows a signal heading towards a very large Decepticon
emblem.  "Nemesis," he gasps.  "You're kidding," DC says.  "I wish. 
Depth Charge, we've had our differences, but you and I both know this is
bigger than both of us. They're underwater, which means you're our only
hope! Warheads armed, full speed to maximum!  You have to stop
Megatron!  At any cost..." he adds ominously.  "Consider it done," DC
says, transforming and heading after the sub.
"Impressive," Dinobot observes, as the sub approaches a sunken
leviathan. "Oh, it is far more than that, my malevolent minion.  That is the
most powerful Decepticon warship in Transformer history.  The ship that
shot down the Ark itself.  The Nemesis!"
Op and TH are flying over the water, tracking Depth Charge: "This is
Optimus, encoding transmission M Sipher," he radioes to base,
explaining the situation to Rattrap and Rhinox.  "Prepare base defenses
for a full assault."  "What?!" Rattrap exclaims.  "I thought we had this all
sewed up!"  "Megs just ripped it wide open."  "Aw man.  Is it just me, or
did he just say, 'we're all gonna die'?"
Op explains to TH that "Nemesis was the flagship of the ancient
Decepticon battle fleet.  It shot down the Ark before crashing itself,
somewhere on Earth," as we're treated to a flashback of the two ships
shooting it out (slightly more detailed than the one in "The Agenda" Part
3, but no interior scenes this time.)  "Apparently Tarantulas found it..." 
"Excellent," Megatron says, entering the control center with Dinobot,
holding a book-like item.  "Even after his demise, the spider's treachery
remains my best asset.  Observe!  A refurbished ship with a transwarp
cell.  A Predacon control panel.  And best of all, a Covenent of Primus. It
was from these tracks that I took my name, and how fitting, since time
and space are now mine to command!"  "If the ship functions," Dinobot
points out.  "It must!" Megs orders full power.
DC arrives outside the ship and transforms amid a bed of energon
crystals, radioing in.  "Depth Charge to Optimus.  You call it a night. I'm
going in."  "Confirmed.  And Depth Charge... good luck."  "Yeah."
Rampage arrives just then and attacks; they duke it out.  "I have no time
for you, X."  "Like you had no time for Starbase Rugby?  You had friends
there!  As I recall, tasty ones, too."  DC attacks again.  "Ooooo,
pathetic!" Rampage mocks.  "Shaddup!" DC snaps, using an energon
crystal to slice a chunk of Rampage open, exposing his spark.  
"A little tension, yes!" a watching Megatron observes from inside the
ship, where the power cells are nearly at maximum.  As the battle
outside continues with energon crystals and fancy footwork, the cells
reach maximum.  "And as it were a great mountain raging with fire arose
from the sea!" Megs says, holding up the book.  "Thrusters on-line." 
"I was your assignment, and you failed," Rampy tells DC.  DC strikes,
stabbing at him with his crystal; Rampage struggles keep from being
impaled with the crystal (or did he actually get impaled?  I can't tell.)
"Raw energon.  Right through your twisted Spark.  Take it!" DC says,
face inches away from Rampage's, "take it straight to the Pit, you
sickening piece of _slag_," he hisses.  Then something happens that I
don't get: they both release the crystal, which hovers over Rampage. 
Rampage laughs for a moment, as if in triumph; then DC lifts something
that looks like Rampage's spark, and then pushes it back down. At that
moment Dinobot screams in agony, and then there's a huge BOOM that
rocks the Nemesis and Megatron.  Dinobot screams again, and the
original Dinobot flickers briefly in his place. 
Above the water, Op and TH observe the huge explosion breaking the
surface.  "He's done it!  Depth Charge has done it!  It's all over!" Op
exclaims to the base.  "Yee-ah-ha!" Rattrap exclaims, planting a juicy
one on Rhinox. "Ain't I always said that tin minnow is one of my favorite
people?"  But then Optimus sees floating wreckage... from both
combatants. "But I'm afraid that Depth Charge... has paid the ultimate
price," Op continues, subdued.  They fly off as one of DC's wing-shields
settles to the bottom of the ocean... and fish scatter as thrusters fire,
and Nemesis begins its launch.
Op and TH stop and stare: something HUGE is rising from the ocean. 
"By the code of Primus... the Nemesis!"  Megatron just laughs and
laughs in triumph, as the giant ship eases into the sunlight and hovers
there, water streaming off of it... and we fade to black.
Kids, don't base your first impression on a 7 am viewing if you're as
much of a non-morning person as me.  I turned off the tube this morning
saying, "Well, that was okay."  I stopped the VCR just now saying
"damn, that was impressive."  From Tarantulas's origins (sort of), to
Waspy's righteous rage, to DC's final sacrifice, to another cool plot
device from the past (rather creative one, too), this episode was loaded to
the hilt with plot, and at various times had atmosphere, character, humor,
everything.  It was kind of like a small sampling of everything cool in BW
rolled into one ep. 
Of course, there's always stuff I don't like, so let's get that out of the way
The misplaced humor continues, with a bunch of protohumans apparently
repelling the attack of Inferno and Quickstrike with arrows.  Huh?!  Um,
since when has gun-happy Inferno been one to stand there and not shoot
at a foe?  A few flamethrower bursts should clear out those caves quickly
enough, and it's reasonable to believe that's what happened after the
camera left that scene.  It's somewhat annoying that we never returned to
it, but presumably we'll learn what happened in tomorrow's ep.  But
overall it struck me as a relatively useless plot development, a diversion
from the main story (though it did provide the stage for more great
Quickstrike lines, and Waspy's rant.)  Inferno's subspace tree was far too
silly for my tastes... though at this point in the series, I don't even know
why I'm bothering to complain about such things.  Force of habit, I
guess.  This stuff has been going on since Dinobot ran into that tree in
"Dark Voyage"...
Megatron's aquisition of his latest plot device didn't really involve enough
struggle to make it that interesting.  He just crawled down the hole, went
on a Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and boom, Nemesis is his. 
Optimus's foreshadowing of DC's demise seemed a bit too forced and
sudden for me.  They've faced similarly dire situations before, and Op
didn't start saying "Get going, I'll see ya in hell!"  Was he ordering?
Cajoling?  Pleading?  He didn't sound like any of these, really; nor did he
sound like he was regretfully ordering one of his own troops to his death. 
It was more like an urgent pep talk, which I guess _was_ maybe the right
thing for DC.
Optimus also has aquired a rather out-of-the-blue determination to end
the war, finally putting aside the Maximal codes and working full-out to
finish things.  What exactly set this off?  It started at the end of "Master
Blaster"... but how did Megarex taking Megatron's spark trigger it? 
How's that so much vastly worse than him trying to vape Optimus Prime,
or possessing the Metalhunter, or any of a dozen other things he's done
over the last couple of years?
More sparklies with Tigerhawk at the beginning.  What's all that stuff he's
doing?  What's that orange fireball he made and then blew up? Sheesh. 
At least it's in keeping with what we saw in the previous episode, rather
than out of the blue like BA's telekenesis.
Dang.  The more I think about it, the less there is that I dislike about this
ep.  My first impression was just negative for some now-inexplicable
reason.  I can't think of anything else bad here.  Wow.  And this only a
day after the skewering I gave to "Other Victories".  There's no denying
that the plot was a good one: Megatron finds the Decepticons' lost
battleship, while Rampage and DC battle to the death.  I guess I'm having
a little trouble seeing past the plot and all its many, many implications to
look at the presentation of that plot, the things that determine if this was
a "good episode" or not.  Oh well.
The Final Three are turning out to be the "episodes that might have
been".  Both Ben Yee and DVD have pointed out to me that "Other
Victories" was supposed to be a two-parter with much more explication
about Big T and the aliens, till Hasbro chopped it down to one ep (why
that ep and not the pointlessly over-long "Feral Scream"?!)  And now
Dinobot 2's apparent demise hearkens back to that frustrating mystery of
mysteries, the lost episode "Dark Glass" (which was never more than a
first-draft script, and WILL NEVER BE ANIMATED no matter how much
we cry and beg and scream and whine SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER FER
CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!  Ahem.)  I'd almost forgotten that Dinoborg shares
more than just a name with the late Maximal hero.  Perhaps having the
Rampage part of him destroyed somehow left the Dinobot portion briefly
in control, or at least allowed it to surface for those final seconds? 
Perhaps that half-second scene can be considered acknowledgement of
"Dark Glass"'s events actually occurring off-screen? Hmm...
So Dinobot 2 has come and, apparently, gone.  We can't be 100% sure
till we see a dead body, but with Rampage's spark destroyed, D2's future
seems doubtful.  Like DC, it's hard to feel much sadness at his passing;
what's tragic instead is the unexplored potential the character had.  What
makes him tick?  What does he think of the others?  Is he really alive at
all? Is he capable of emotion and growth?  We'll never know... just more
fanfic fodder, I suppose.  My first thought after his apparent death was
that, well, Megatron's lost another implement.  Not a soldier, not a
character, just a means for Megatron to get his work done.  Too bad this
character couldn't have lasted longer and been developed more.  At this
point in things, I don't blame the writers, who are working under
considerable time constraints and scale-backs beyond their control.
Continuing the honor roll: Depth Charge fufills his self-appointed destiny,
sacrificing himself to destroy Rampage.  I will miss both characters, I
must admit.  Unlike Tarantulas, neither of them has been around long
enough to get old, to have fully run through their paces.  I'd kind of hoped
DC might come out of his hardened shell, warm up a bit to the others. 
From Primal's words to Cheetor in "Deep Metal" ("There was a time he
would never have left.  Rampage changed that."), we gain a picture of DC
as a tragic figure: cold, bitter, driven, obsessed, and bereft of his ability
to relate to others.  But we never see it on screen, except perhaps in his
reactions to Rampage's words.  "You had friends there," Rampy says,
eliciting further rage from DC.  But the whole time we've known him he's
been a hardened, cold SOB, and that's how he went out as well.  It's
hard to feel very much sadness for the loss of such a character.  And
indeed, Optimus doesn't stop to linger too long on it.  I almost listed this
among the things that I disliked, till I realized that DC and Op have never
exactly been best buddies.  Optimus is saddened by the loss of life, and
the loss of a follower, but from his reaction, I gather he's not terribly
emotional about it.  And that's a tough spot to be in -- how do you react
when someone you didn't really like dies?  You feel bad -- you feel really
bad if you're the one who ordered him to his death -- but you also feel
bad for not feeling worse.
The indestructible spark has been destroyed.  Rampage has been one of
my favorite Predacon characters, maybe my favorite period.  And while I
feel that ultimately he had to die, simply because he's too evil to go on
existing, I'm still sorry to see it happen.  That strange soft side from
"Transmutate" never returned, alas; however, we've still gotten glimpes
into his troubled psyche at times ("I regret everything!"  "Some's
coming... someone... I remember..."  "Such pain...").  He's different from
all the other Predacons, realistic and complex to a degree unmatched
by any other Pred except Blackarachnia and Dinobot.  And he had a
cool and very expressive face, a wonderfully variable voice, the best
incoherent noises in the whole series, and the coolest alt.form we've
seen on Beast Wars.  I'll miss him.
We finally get another one of those promised "underwater" episodes,
which certain folks were thinking we'd been shortchanged on.  Heh heh. 
And like "Changing of the Guard" before it, this ep's aquatic scenes were
eerie and mysterious, with the glowing hull of the Nemesis providing
further mood. Rampage rolling over those shrimp was a nice touch.  And
look at that water when his and DC's remains are surfacing... it's
I still don't understand what happened in the last seconds of DC and
Rampage's fight.  I'd really like to see the script for this scene, just to
clarify it.  Did DC extract Rampage's spark?  How?  If so, what did he do
to make it blow up?  Three contradictory things happened in that scene:
first he stabs Rampage through the spark, then he's *trying* to stab
Ramage, then they both release the crystal he's been trying to stab
Rampage with, and suddenly he's *holding* Rampage's spark.  I'm
confused. Help.  Someone.  Please. 
And why did Rampage laugh: the knowledge that death was upon him, or
that he would take DC with him?  Or did he think he'd gained some
advantage with whatever it was that made the energon crystal float
there?  Did DC understand what his actions would result in?  He had the
chance to get away, and didn't really take it; heck, just getting a few
yards away from the center of the blast would probably have allowed him
to survive -- these BWs are tough, after all.
I'm consistently amazed by the voice talent on this show.  DC's "aw
slag" upon seeing the bombs was great -- especially coupled with the
fact the animators managed to really wring a look of despair out of his
rather featureless face.  But it pales next to his final words to Rampage. 
Man, that was some serious rage.  And then, there's what we've all been
waiting for, what we thought we'd never see, what we thought was simply
the realm of fanfiction: Waspinator finally venting all the rage and
frustration he's felt at the universe.  And how!  Oh, it was glorious! 
Finally, Waspy's more than a comic punching bag who complains a lot;
he's got real feelings!  Waspinator does indeed rule!  I really and
seriously hope he breaks with the other Preds -- it would be character
development in a most unexpected quarter.  Oh, Waspy, you're the best!!
Oddly, two things I intended to mention in my "Other Victories" review
yesterday but forgot were that spinning spaceship on Tarantulas's
screens, and to briefly speculate on what the "nemesis" might be.  How
bizarre that the two were one and the same, and the answer was right
before me the whole time, in plain sight.  (And if that wasn't weird
enough, about two minutes before Inferno and QS's attack, I was also
kinda wondering if we'd ever see the protohumans again.)  I figured that
ship had to have some significance, since (unlike BW's normally
transient screen graphics) it stayed put the whole time, and resembled
no other ship we've seen in the series.  At some point I've got to
re-watch "Master Blaster" and "Other Victories" and see if Big T makes
any other references to his discovery (BTW, that explains where he was
during the first half of this season...)  
"Unicron's spawn."  Holy hell!  I completely missed that on the first
watching (hey, at 7 am, I think it's forgiveable :].  So THAT is the mystery
of Big T's origin.  But how?  How could he (and presumably the Tripred
Counsel as well) have come from Unicron?  Are they reformed Sweeps
(generic Decepticon henchman created by Unicron in "Transformers: the
Movie")?  Or... something more?  Whoa!  THIS is some serious fanfic
speculation material!  The Vok (official spelling according to Ben Yee)
know Tarantulas... Tarantulas was created by Unicron... are the Vok
connected to Unicron somehow?  One might even speculate that
Unicron's creation Galvatron (also from "Transformers: The Movie")
became Tarantulas somehow... but I'm not gonna be the one to do it. It's
just too far out in left field, and I'm not a very big fan of "Character A
turned into Character B" theories anyway.
"M Sipher".  Jeez, I missed _that_ one, too; I must've been really out of it
this morning.  That's a little salute to' very own M
"Something anything whatever" Sipher, Toy Variations List keeper and
generally cool guy, for those keeping score.
"The most powerful Decepticon battleship in the history of the
Transformer race!"  This, I believe, marks the first time anyone on BW
has actually said the word "Transformer".  It's about time... 
How and why did Megatron know Tarantulas had found Nemesis?  Or did
he know at all, and was simply playing a hunch?  The fact that he sent
Inferno to hunt for a new base makes me suspect the latter.  These two
have always had access to information that the other characters didn't,
and it's a bit frustrating.  How did Big T go about searching for Nemesis,
for that matter?  That submersible doesn't look like it was made to run
without its little track.
Okay, some speculation, now, before I go to bed and wake up with Part
Two in my face.  They've got to wrap up the series.  They've got one ep to
do it.  Well, Nemesis must obviously be put down one way or another.  If
they're amazingly accurate, they'll have it crash in the Andes moutains in
Peru, which is where it turned up in the G1 episode "Microbots".  Of
course, they don't have to do this, since "Nemesis" Part One is the first
episode to almost indisputably contradict a G1 fact -- namely, in no prior
version of the TF story was the Ark SHOT down.  In the comics, Optimus
Prime put it on a suicide course for Earth.  In the cartoon, it simply spun
out of control as the Autobots and Decepticons battled aboard it.  As for
the previously unnamed Decepticon ship, in the cartoon it too spun out of
control, to be found as mentioned above in Peru.  In the comics,
Shockwave apparently stashed it away on Earth, somewhere beneath
the ocean, before heading off to find the Ark; it seems to be the ship he
has control of in issue #71.  This would jibe with Nemesis turning up
underwater.  But still, if Primal and Megatron's accounts of the battle are
correct, "Beast Wars" has finally settled itself into a third and distinct
continuity, separate from the cartoon and comics.  OTOH, one could
simply say that they're both mistaken, that history has handed down an
inaccurate account of the events in "More Than Meets The Eye".  Heck,
maybe the Autobots themselves encouraged it -- it's a lot less
embarrassing than "Uh, we were busy fighting the Decepticons, and the
ship kinda flew into the planet on its own..."
Whoa, that was a tangent.  Back to my main point: who lives, who dies?
I'm betting the original four Maximals will survive.  They're a great group
dynamic, even though we rarely see it anymore (heck, thanks to Beast
Machines info, we can be certain at least two of them make it.)  BA is
another fairly certain bet, but Silverbolt is more doubtful.  I mean, surely
they've got to kill off more than one Maximal (especially with Simon
Furman at the helm), and SB is the most obvious candidate.  But really, I
hate to see it happen; I don't want BA to have to carry on alone, just
when the two of them seem to have found happiness.  On the Pred side,
Megs is an obvious survivor.  Waspinator might have a decent chance,
since he's declared his independence (hope he sticks to it! Good plan,
Waspy!) and he's a crowd favorite anyway.  Big T, Dinoborg, and
Rampage are gone already.  That leaves QS and Inferno... I'd bet Inferno
goes out in a blaze of glory, as he tried to do in "The Agenda" Part 2.
QS... I can see him dying; I can see him surviving.  But I'm betting on the
former.  In short -- Waspy makes it.  Megs makes it.  Other than that,
all bets are off.
Will they get off of Earth?  How?  They have to!  They've got a ship now,
with a Transwarp cell.  How convienient!  Maybe Megs will return to the
present, Maximals stowing away with him?  Who can say?  There are so
many possiblities that I don't even want to try speculating further.
Okay, that's that.  I apolgize if this has been a bit more delirious than
usual... it's been a long day.  Off to bed... in the morning, Simon Furman,
and "Nemesis" Part 2!!
[NOTE: though I'm posting it on Friday, most of this review was in fact
written before I'd seen Part 2.  That should be obvious by how far off I was
on some of my speculation.  I'll have a review of Part 2 some time on
Saturday... assuming U. Penn lets me get to one of their computers.] 

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