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Manic Ramblings and Delerious Ranting
re: A Better Mousetrap
Posted 11/23/96

  Just saw this one, but didn't know the title till Dinobot said it.  
Thanks to everyone who includes that spoiler space, and a special thanks 
to my faulty memory.

  Pretty impressive episode, overall...

  Again, Blackarach says outloud what we all know:  she's the brains of
the outfit (though we've all seen that she's got her fair share of brawn,
as well.)  She makes no effort to hide her disdain of the other Preds.  I 
wonder what she thinks of Tarantulus?  He's the only one I haven't seen 
her interact with.  

  My favorite part of the episode was when Primal first meets up with
Tigatron.  Their conversation and quick strategy outline was just
wonderfully written.  "Long enough to make me dizzy!"  "I'm going to shake
him up and see which way he runs."  Primal seems to know that Waspy isn't
the brightest -- or sanest -- Pred.  And after watching Waspinator's
little fit, I really think he's partially unhinged.  Or, at least, he's
very lacking in maturity.  Maybe his mind is sort of like that of a kid? 

  Second favorite bit was Tigatron bursting in on the Preds.  His line 
wasn't too great, but the way he just leapt out with his cannon primed, 
aimed, and right in the camera was a visual treat.  Another was when he 
stepped out of the shadows of the cave, and all we could see was his 
green eyes.  

  We learn a TON about Rattrap in this episode.  Damn, that boy's got
spunk!  I couldn't understand some of his lines through the heavy Brooklyn
accent, though... There's no longer any doubt that he's had some sort of
military background.  His familiarity with the traps, weapons, and
explosives, as well as his own dialogue, proves that.  But, then, why did
he become unwilling to fight? How did a demolition/infiltration expert end
up on a deep-space exploration mission? 

  Anyone have Dinobot's exact, full quote from the end down?  That was
hillareous.  Wish I'd written it down.  Ah, well, I'll get it next time... 
As always, I'm eager to see more of Dinobot and Rattrap's interactions. 
Dinobutt does have a temper, doesn't he?  The way he stuck that sword in
the panel -- what if that had actually been Rattrap?? Though they
constantly antagonize one another, I suspect that, far down the road, they
will prove to be truer friends to each other than anyone would suspect.  
At least, that's my guess.  But, who can say for sure??  

  RNS:  I have to get Rattrap, I've decided.  The character is just too 
cool not to.  Dammit, it worked.  The show is selling toys.  :)

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