Dear Horde of Mindless Drones,

Maybe these humans aren't so bad after all! Today we visited the remains of something called the Coliseum, a large ovoid structure made (yet again) by piling one rock on top of another. Pertinent data indicates that this structure was used by the humans to slaughter one another in brutal gladatorial contests, all for the amusement of other humans! Any human who kills humans is okay by me! The structure stands at one end of a large landscape of smashed, ruined, destroyed, blasted, wasted, desolated old buildings made from artificial rocks (called "bricks"). This landscape is without a doubt the most beautiful thing we have seen in all our journeys, even more beautiful than the time we all kicked Airazor's ass. You guys remember that, right?

My human companion has informed me that our voyage of conquest is ending soon, so this will be my final transmission. Make ready for my triumphant return!

Your Loving General,