General Scavenger Conquers the Almighty Mini-Cons!

Circa 2003: Do not be fooled by their appearance.

The Mini-Cons are KILLERS! Mighty warriors! Fearsome beasts of battle! They live only sink their rending claws into a hapless foe's armor!!

Okay, sure, they're a little smaller than us. Sure. And, alright, maybe some of them don't actually have ranged weapons. Okay okay, ANY weapons.

But LOOK at 'em! Look how they just sit there, being all... small and stuff. They're just ASKING to get ripped apart. They DESERVE it!

So, since neither I nor my Horde of Mindless Drones are the sort to back down from a fight, even when the odds are overwhelmingly against us, we set out to give those no-good doing-gooder goody-good something something Mini-Cons exactly what they deserved!!!! HAW HAW.