General Scavenger's BotCon 2005 Debriefing!!

The forces of earth's very atmosphere conspired against me and my human companion, in the form of a mighty storm which threatened to delay or prevent our air transport's arrival. I told him, I says to him, I says, what's the problem? Worst that could happen is a crash! And so what, so some humans'd be toasted. I'm not afraid of some humans dying! Let's go!

So we went.

And so did I enter these hallowed halls... a conqueror.

But celebration was not to be. As usual, there was great work to be done -- like the destruction of Autobots! The first victim of my mighty wrath was this foolish Earth-loving, human-hugging Autobot named Hound. As you can see, he fled at my mere approach! But I -- uh -- yeah, I blew him up! Yeah! Right after this picture was taken.

After that, it was time for refueling. I found that this tasty Mini-Con had some fuel!! Which I forced him to give to me, telling him if he didn't, I'd EAT HIM.

And he FELL FOR IT!! HAWWW HAWW HAWW. Foolish Mini-Con. I don't really EAT Transformers!!

Well, not much.

I also met an erudite, witty, highly intelligent Decepticon named Durrrrrrrge, who offered his assistance should I require it. A charming fellow!

When my human companion and his associates created this "fortress of condiments", as they called it, they called on ME to man the ramparts. I did so with the verve and unerring skill of a mighty warrior. Not one enemy breached our defenses!!

After such a mighty battle and great effort to refuel, some recreation was needed. Forcing two mini-bots to fight to the death was the perfect way to kick back and unwind from such a hard earth rotation's labors.

But then, I found myself face to face with the very creator of the Transformer race -- Primus himself!! I could not help but yield up supplication. Sure hope Megatron doesn't find out. He kept telling the humans to call him "Aaron Archer", but I could see through his disguise.

He left his avatar to keep me company. Not a bad fellow for a god, really; not bad at all.