Rob's Pile of Transformers: Treadmark

Autobot: Treadmark
Function: Ground Assault Commander
"Where war exists, none can truly live."

Profile: Given his choice, Treadmark would be anywhere but in the midst of an intergalactic war. He is intelligent enough to be a scholar, centered enough to be a sage, romantic enough to be a poet, and would greatly prefer any of those occupations to his current one. Yet an overriding sense of duty compels him to remain with the Autobot army, until he feels the galaxy is safe again for all beings to inhabit. This constant pull against his personal desires has had its effect on him, however, leaving him in a seemingly permanent state of meloncholy. Treadmark is thoroughly (and rather disarmingly) emotional, able to connect and empathize with almost any being he meets. In any given situation, he will generally make the choice that he feels is right, rather than what might be logical. Treadmark is deeply concerned for those around him, particulary his close friends, and will do anything necessary insure their welfare.

Abilities: Treadmark is an expert ground warfare tactician, and his ability to relate to those he interacts with allows him to rally his followers to a plan almost effortlessly. He is heavily armed in robot mode. He carries two small missle launchers mounted on his outer shoulders, which fire small shells which explode on impact, and a larger one seated next to his head, which lauches small surface-to-air missiles. He uses a voltage rifle that fires intense bursts of electricity. Treadmark transforms to a Cybertronian hovercar with a range of 2000 miles and a maximum speed of 250 mph, and retains use of the smaller missile launchers in this mode.

Weaknesses: Most of Treadmark's weaknesses arise from his tendency to give in to his emotions, which can lead to disastrous consequences when his feelings blind him to the reality of a situation. Fortunately he is intelligent enough that he can usually plan and prevent such situations in advance. He is not especially mobile or well-armored in robot mode.

Strength: 5   
Intelligence: 8   
Speed: 5   
Endurance: 5   
Rank: 7  
Courage: 8  
Firepower: 9 
Skill: 7

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