Rob's Pile of Transformers: Starblast

Autobot: Starblast
Function: Data Analyst
"Logical analysis is the foundation of survival."

Profile: Calm and collected in any situation, Starblast exudes a cool, almost emotionless air. His mannerisms are quiet and scientifically precise; his advice is unflaggingly sound and logical, never offered after anything less than an exhaustive consideration of all available data. He does not allow his personal feelings to interfere with his duties. In combat he is startlingly fast (especially to those familiar with his normal demeanor) and quite deadly. He is the life-long friend of his commander, Lexius, and considers it his unofficial job to protect Lexius from his own destructive tendencies.

Abilities: Starblast is a highly talented flyer in jet or robot mode. His jet form is capable of interplanetary travel and extra-atmospheric combat. He is armed with a belt-fed chain gun, two lasers on his nose cone, a weapons array on his head, and a small complement of missiles under his wings. He is highly skilled at interfacing with all manners of computers, and at maneuvering his mind within them to obtain information or implant commands. A third mode, Guardian, combines the speed of flight with the maneuverability of his robot form.

Weaknesses: Starblast often has difficulty dealing with his emotions, which, though repressed, are nevertheless very real; he can find himslef in quite a quandry if his desires conflict with logical choices. His armor is not very strong, especially in his jet form. He is particularly vunerable to losing control if hit while flying at high speed, but he usually is able to pull himself out before a crash.

Strength: 5     
Intelligence: 10   
Speed: 9   
Endurance: 4   
Rank: 7     
Courage: 7
Firepower: 6 
Skill: 10

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