Rob's Pile of Transformers: Splice

Autobot: Splice
Function: Navigator
"Everything in its place."

Profile: Splice is a stickler for routine and order. He requires organization in every facet of his life and will work unceasingly until he achieves it. He prefers peace and quiet, finding crowds and noise to be distressing and distracting. He is prone to snap judgements, as he hates being in a state of indecision, and is sometimes stubborn about admitting new evidence that contradicts what he's already decided. His loyalty is not easily won but is unwavering once it is given.

Abilities: Splice served as a second-watch navigator aboard the starship Vengeance and currently serves aboard the Sojourn, complementing Beacon's skills. His navigational skills are considerable. Though he normally relies on ship computers to perform his tasks for him, he can, given sufficient time, plot warp, hyperspace, and fold courses as well as paths through real space in his head. He also dabbles in computer building and programming in his spare time, finding the logic of programs and circuitry a pleasant diversion from life's chaos. On Sojourn he has turned this ability into a second job, assuming the position of secondary systems monitor, backing up Fanblade and assisting Tuner in upgrading the ship's systems. Splice transforms to a four-wheeled ground vehicle with a range of 2000 miles and a maximum speed of 250 mph.

Weaknesses: Splice finds it difficult to focus in the midst of chaotic situations, which can hinder his effectiveness in combat. Serving in the relaxed atmosphere of the Sojourn appears to be diminishing this problem somewhat. Like many specialized members of the Autobot fleets, he has had little experience with combat outside of ship-to-ship encounters.

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 4
Endurance: 6
Rank: 5
Firepower: 3
Courage: 6
Skill: 7

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