Character Profile: Sojourn

Rob's Pile of Transformers: Sojourn

Autobot: Sojourn
Function: Planetary Assault
"Only in solitude is there peace."

Profile: At nearly four thousand feet in height, Sojourn ranks among the largest Transformers ever created, and perhaps among the most unusual, as well. Her alternate form is a starship, and she is essentially dependent on a crew of about 100 Autobots to operate her while in this mode. Her consciousness is normally dormant while in starship form; the little time she spends awake is while in robot mode -- and that generally only occurs during combat. Sojourn is gruff, quiet, and not very social; generally she just wants to be left alone -- a mindset perfectly suited to a living assault platform. Though she believes in the Autobot cause, the affairs of others are of relatively little interest to her, and she partakes in them as little as possible.

Abilities: As a starship, Sojourn has fold engines that allow her to travel the distances between stars in a matter of days or hours. She can also draw off energy from those stars to empower her generators, eliminating the need for her to return to any sort of home base. In robot or starship mode, she is a flying battle fortress: her armor is virtually impenatrable; single and paired guns, with varying degrees of freedom, project from multiple points on her body, each capable of obliterating a ground target a mile in diameter. A massive fixed plastron cannon mounted on her chest is equally destructive, though she generally only uses it against space-borne targets. Two of the large guns mounted on her shoulders are actually independent gunships, known as the Apogee and Perigee, and can detach to aid in her attacks, scout the surrounding territory, or go on short missions. On her forward pontoons in starship mode are mounted her largest and deadliest weapons, two gargantuan anti-matter cannons. Like those of her design predecessor Metroplex, they generate and fire a stream of anti-matter which obiterates whatever it comes in contact with. Firing them virtually drains her energy, however, and is only a last-ditch resort.

Weaknesses: In addition to the energy drain of firing her antimatter cannons, Sojourn's starship-mode offers little defense against attacks from behind and below, since most of her weapons are designed for planetary attacks and point straight ahead. She can easily compensate for this difficulty by transforming to her robot form.

Strength: 10   
Intelligence: 6   
Speed: 10   
Endurance: 10   
Rank: 5  
Courage: 9  
Firepower: 10 
Skill: 6

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