Rob's Pile of Transformers: Proto

Decepticon: Proto
Subgroup: Quanticon
Function: Quanticon Commander
"Let nothing to obstruct the progression to victory... least of all compassion."

Profile: Proto is a stategic genius... and a charismatic zero. He shows no trace of emotion in anything he does, and completely ignores emotional displays from others. He issues orders in the same dull monotone that one might use in discussing the weather. It is not clear whether he is incapable of emotional reaction, or he simply chooses to repress his feelings. What is certain is that his emotionless, unexciteable nature make him an uninspiring leader... but a terrifying presence on the battlefield.

Whether in the air, on land, or in deep space, Proto's mind is a keen analytic tool. He adroitly maneuvers his followers like chess pieces, using them to maximum advantage to confuse, ensnare, and destroy the enemy. Though they know Proto's techniques are effective, the other Quanticons sometimes resent being treated like so many pawns in his schemes. Indeed, they wonder if Proto would hesitate to sacrifice one or more of their lives if it were required to execute one of his strategies.

Abilities: Proto is the strongest and most heavily armed of the Quanticons, with two massive proton cannons in jet form, augmented by paired wrist-mounted pulse blasters and and a stock laser rifle which he can also use in robot form. Like all the Quanticons, he can achieve escape velocity for most planets, and is capable of extra-atmospheric flight and combat. Combined with his fellow Quanticons, he forms the shoulders and head of the superwarrior Quanticus.

Weaknesses: Any illogical response to Proto's actions will send his cerebro-circuits into a scramble. Proto inspires very little allegiance from his followers, due to his lack of charisma and his seeming unconcern for their well-being, and cannot count on them for help when he needs it. It is rumored that his hold on his position as Quanticon leader is tenuous, at best. Whether or not this bothers him is unknown.

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 9
Rank: 8
Firepower: 9
Courage: 7
Skill: 6

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