Rob's Pile of Transformers: Pixel

Autobot: Pixel
Function: Communications
“Peace, love, and harmonics.”

Profile: Pixel's passionate idealism is all that compells her to remain with the Autobot army. She is fervently pacifist; all conflict saddens her, the Transformers’ most of all since her own species is doing the fighting. She dreams longingly of the war’s end and settling down to live a simple and tranquil life. Her own world offers little to lead to a conception of "natural" ways of living, but she greatly admires the many sentient alien species which exist cooperatively and in harmony with the environments of their planets, and seeks to emulate such concepts in her own life. Though her ideals could not allow her to stand by idly while the Decepticons conquered the galaxy, she insisted on taking a non-combatant role in the war. As Sojourn’s communications officer, she has found that role and fulfills it with great skill.

Abilities: Pixel transforms to a mini-communications platform, a compact form in which she can be easily transported by other Autobots. In this mode she can boost radio and other signals to reach half-way across a planet, intercept and decode enemy transmissions, channel sonic energy, and record sounds as quiet as a pin drop from half a mile away. She is familiar with all manner of communication equipment, Cybertronian and otherwise. Pixel can direct powerful bursts of sonic energy for use as a weapon, but generally will only do so in self-defense. She carries two highly focused cutting lasers on her forearms, but again will only use them if threatened. If forced to fight, she is remarkably clever and innovative, commonly making brilliant use of her surroundings to her advantage. In combat she is quick and nimble, moving with the grace and agility of a gymnast. The problem is spurring her to action to begin with.

Weaknesses: Pixel’s pacifist attitude often results in her refusing to respond aggressively to an attack until her own life is clearly threatened. By then, situations she could have taken care of have often degenerated into more than she can handle by herself. She is not especially strong or well-armed.

Strength: 5Intelligence: 8
Speed: 2Endurance: 6Rank: 6Firepower: 5
Courage: 6
Skill: 8

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