Character Profile: Phalanx

Rob's Pile of Transformers: Phalanx

Decepticon: Phalanx
Function: Strategy Coordinator
"The more by the mind, the less for the body."

Profile: Phalanx's attitude towards life is 100 percent can-do. He is a restless mass of energy, constantly working to make things around him perfect, to complete one or more of the hundreds of projects in which he is continually involved. He strives to please: his superiors, his underlings, his fellows. Some speculate that, given the chance, he'd even try to make the Autobots happy. He has a fanatically strong work ethic which sometimes annoys the less energetic of his peers, but in general his positive approach to things, no matter how gloomy the situation, makes him welcome company for his fellow Decepticons.

Abilities: Phalanx is adroit at working with and between the often-quarrelsome factions of the Decepticon command heirarchies. He knows how to smooth tempers and shrug off insults, to mediate while still achieving results. His position rarely places him into combat, but when under attack he can transform to an 8-wheeled missile trailer armed with four pairs of independently-targeted launchers. Two pairs of the launchers are also availble to him in robot form. Range: 800 miles. Speed: 75 mph.

Weaknesses: Phalanx's glaring weakness is his eagerness to please everyone. He can be manipulated without even realizing it. He would actually be far more effective if left purely to run things his own way, but as is he reacts strongly to any percieved pressures from his superior officers -- whether that pressure is well-advised or not.

Strength: 5   
Intelligence: 9   
Speed: 4   
Endurance: 5   
Rank: 7  
Courage: 6  
Firepower: 7 
Skill: 9

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