Rob's Pile of Transformers: Nucleo

Decepticon: Nucleo
Subgroup: Quanticon
Function: Special Operations
"Best ends have invisible means."

Profile: Nucleo is quiet, confident, and somewhat reclusive. He tends to lurk in the shadows, manipulating and pushing events in subtle ways rather than through open force. He says relatively little, and when he does speak it is usually to state some succinct observation that his companions had completely overlooked. His position gives him free reign to act without orders, which he frequently does. He reveals little of himself to most, so it often comes as a surprise that he can be very open and generous to the few he deems truly worthy of his trust.

Abilities: No one ability characterizes Nucleo or his job. About all one can say with certainty is that if something is going on behind the scenes, Nucleo is likely to be involved. His directives include sabotage, assassination, espionage, and undermining of enemy morale, discipline, and order. He might be behind enemy lines one day, and hob-nobbing with Decepticon fleet commanders the next. In combat he is equally devious, typically lurking on a battle's edge till he sees the right moment to strike, then moving in with lightening swiftness for the kill. He is armed with twin neutron-beam pistols (which he can use in either mode), and a "razor beam" which can literally slice a target in half by sapping the energy from intermolecular bonds whereever it hits. He also keeps a small cache of smaller weapons secreted on his body, to assist in his various dark activities. This array changes constantly, and might include at any given time: laser- and vibro-knives, laser scalpels, arc welders, acids, grenades, torches, cryogenic sprayers, various override circuits, a large supply of nanites, and enough explosives and electronic components to build several time bombs. Like all Quanticons, he is capable of escape velocity and extraatmospheric combat. Combined with his fellow Quanticons, he forms the lower-torso section of the superwarrior Quanticus.

Weaknesses: The frequency with which Nucleo works on his own can land him in deep trouble if something goes wrong on a mission. His fellow Quanticons are not likely even to realize he's away, let alone in trouble. But the situation that can actually threaten him is rare -- he is a highly competent and dangerous foe.

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6
Endurance: 6
Rank: 7
Firepower: 9
Courage: 7
Skill: 9

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