Rob's Pile of Transformers: Character Notes

LEXIUS has been around for many a year. He's the character I created for a Robotech Alpha fighter I got way back in 4th or 5th grade. For a while he lead my contingent of Autobots, but I decided long ago that it would be egotistical to impose that heirarchy onto any of the 'real' TF universes, so he got demoted to starship commander.

STARBLAST is about as old as Lexius. His toy was a $3 Veritech rip-off I got from a grocery store, in the days when both money and cheap Transformers were scarce. He went through a number of personality changes before settling into the rational computer genius mindset, which is why his name is sort of anomolous.

TREADMARK arose when I aquired a weaponless, roofless Bluestreak. I painted him blue, said he transformed to a convertable, and viola -- new character. Not till 'Corrosion' was underway did he become somber and emotional. Again, he *used* to fit his name, till I turned him into a hovercraft...

SOJOURN started off as Metroplex, but when it came time to actually write 'Corrosion', I didn't think people would dig me suddenly changing Metroplex into a spaceship. So I took the same body form, made it bigger, put some extra guns on it, and called it Sojourn.

PHALANX: Pretty much a throw-away character. I couldn't think of any FCs that fit the bill as a generic Decepticon starfleet middleman, so I made up my own. Deserves better than he got, really...

GALAKTIKOS: see Phalanx. He's the same colors as Springer. He's also beginning to figure large in the sequel to "Corrosion".

PIXEL, BEACON, FOCUS, TUNER: just some cool character names I had lying around, which sounded like they'd be good for Sojourn's bridge crew. Tuner and Pixel have since developed into personal favorites of mine, and play a big role in the upcoming sequel to "Corrosion".

LASH: I think Lash started off with a vision of this really big tank, like a six-wheeled monster truck with a cannon on top. As with Sojourn, I thought it would be a nice flaunting of stereotypes to make this bad-ass tank a female.

THE QUANTICONS: Come on, what hasn't made up their own gestalt group? Again, more fun with females (mixing them with males in a combiner team), and I've never heard of another 7-member gestalt. It would be fun to design toys for these guys; I have only a vague idea of what they look like -- something along the lines of Technobot leader Scattershot. And, dammit, if *I* was designing them, there'd be no detachable 'combiner kibble' -- all that stuff would be built-in. Iso and the other Quanticons got their own fanfic, "The Razor's Edge"; they also will re-appear in "Corrosion"'s sequel.

PROP, TARNISH, GOUGE, BACKSCATTER, SPLICE, FANBLADE: on-the-spot names I thought up when I needed some characters. Splice and Fanblade are my weak attempt to provide insite into how Vengeance's crew reacts to Lexius and co.'s arrival. Both of them look pretty similar to Bumblebee/Cliffjumper/Hubcap.

DREDGE: Dredge wasn't even going to be a character, just some nameless Decepticon who made the mistake of messing with Starblast in a computer, until I realized that the Starblast sub-plot wasn't going anywhere in part 6. Now he's big, he's dark blue, and if he had a toy it would be about the size of Laser Optimus Prime.

WHY SPACEFOLDING?? Well, for starters, everyone else in the universe uses "warp drive" in their fictional spacecraft, so it's nice to be a little different. But the real reason that Sojourn uses "fold engines" is that I was really into Robotech as a kid, and in my mind I kind of crossed the two genres, so that my imaginary Transformer spacecraft used fold engines to travel. "Corrosion" grew out of various scenes I constructed during those times. Later I discovered that everyone else uses "warp" in their TF fanfiction, so I retconned "spacefolding" as a slightly more advanced technology discovered by the Autobots in deep space.

WHY POUNCE & WINGSPAN, SURESHOT, GROTUSQUE, ROLLBAR, ETC?? Quite simply, because they were the toys I had when I was a kid. Also, they were practically ignored in the comics as characters, and I liked their profiles. If G2 had never been released, the Protectobots and a few others would probably have wound up among Sojourn's crew, but I wanted to stick with characters whose absence from Cybertron and Optimus Prime's group would be easy to explain.

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