Rob's Pile of Transformers: Lexius

Autobot: Lexius
Function: Starship commander
"The best way to win is to play by your own rules."

Profile: On the surface, Lexius is as friendly, easy-going, and charismatic an Autobot as you could hope to meet. He seems to take everything that life throws at him with a grin and a wry comment. But his casual exterior masks a fanatical desire to win the war against the Decepticons. No matter how relaxed he may seem, the war is never far from his mind. He constantly uses his personable manner to rally those around him to the Autobot cause. In another time or place, he might have been regarded as a fun-loving type, the life of the party. But centuries of interplanetary warfare have left him as a hardened realist. The easy-going front is now largely a verneer. In battle, Lexius is stalwart and fearless, though at times he exhibits a severe temper which is seemingly at odds with his seemingly relaxed persona. Deep down he finds his life of constant warfare a troubling burden, feelings which he carefully hides from those around him -- and from himself.

Abilities: Lexius is a highly competent tactician and strategist, and an incomparable aerial warrior. His jet form is capable of interplanetary travel and deep-space combat. As a robot, he bristles with weaponry: he carries a particle-beam cannon, wrist-mounted concussion blasters (which convert to his auxilliary thrusters in jet form), a pulse-cannon in the back of his head, and a shoulder-mounted null ray. His tail-fins, mounted on his wrists in robot form, are diamond-hard and razor-sharp, capable of cutting through many opponents' armor. In his shoulders and legs he carries up to sixty guidable short-range missiles. All of his ranged weaponry is availible to him simultaneoulsy in his Gladiator form, a two-legged tank mode. An intermediate half-jet, half-robot Guardian form allows him low-level, low-speed flight with increased maneuverability.

Weaknesses: Lexius's single-minded devotion to the war can blind him to other matters, which occasionally leads to trouble for both him and his followers. His Gladiator mode is virtually immobile, exposing him to attack when he uses it.

Strength: 9   
Intelligence: 9   
Speed: 7   
Endurance: 9   
Rank: 8  
Courage: 10  
Firepower: 9 
Skill: 9

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