Character Profile: Lash

Rob's Pile of Transformers: Lash

Autobot: Lash
Function: Mobile Artillery
"A true friend stands stronger than any wall."

Profile: Lash is quiet, confident, and good-naturedly humorous. But it is her loyalty which most defines her personality. She is devoted to her cause, her commanders, and her friends. She is a career soldier, trusting in her superiors' judgement, fighting unflaggingly for her cause, never letting up till she's accomplished her mission, and always ready to lend a hand to a comrade.

Lash is fairly typical of her generation of Autobots: homeless, and unaccustomed to a life without war. She understands in an abstract way that peace would be preferable, but its actuallity is entirely outside the realm of her experience. The possibility of the war's end is almost as alien to her as the idea of a time when there was no war at all.

Abilities: Lash transforms to a Cybertronian tank, with six large wheels and a turret-mounted, tri-barreled assault cannon that fires 30 millimeter slugs. The cannon can fire continuously for up to fifteen minutes before reloading, but rarely needs that long to hammer its way through a target. Its barrels can swivel independently of each other, enabling her to fire in three directions at once. Her vehicle form is heavily armored and can serve as a battering ram. Lash possesses immense strength in robot form, and retains the use of her tri-cannon.

Weaknesses: If it weren't for a tendency to rely on her strength -- even in situations where finesse might suffice -- Lash could be said to have no real weaknesses. At times, though, she can be her own worst enemy, as she sometimes fails to realize just how strong she is. She sometimes causes damage to facilities or equipment which might have proven useful to her comrades.

Strength: 9   
Intelligence: 6     
Speed: 4   
Endurance: 9   
Rank: 5  
Courage: 7
Firepower: 9 
Skill: 5

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